Ideas to Entertain Children and Family

I have a passion for entertaining kids and have made it my life’s mission to put a smile on children’s faces. For fun party ideas, follow my blog posts or call me at 650-740-7798 to entertain the kids at your special celebration.

Popular Car Games for Children

kidsincarSummertime is probably the best time to think about car games for children.  It is the time for dodge ball games, pool parties and ice cream eating contests.  But what activity defines summer the most? Road trips! And don’t forget to include popular car games for children when traveling.  Kids enjoy a visit to grandma’s house in the country side or a day trip to the beach.  Even a simple excursion to the nearest national park is exciting.

But as the destination is a fun place to visit you can make the journey to the place just as enjoyable.  So, put away the cell phone and I-pad!  Here are five travelling games that will guarantee hours of fun for kids and kids at heart and make the trip more memorable than say, your Candy Crush Saga game.

  1. The Alphabet Gamealphabet

    The mother of all popular car games for children! This one gave birth to countless variations.

    This involves one player thinking of a grocery item and thus, alternately being called “The Grocery Game” starting with the letter A. The other players will take turns naming other items starting with B, C and so on. A mental battle of wit and creativity will ensue.

    Another variation relies more on luck than creativity and by luck we mean license plates of other cars and road signs. The mechanics are the same, but instead of grocery items, the player has to look out for license plates or bill board signs starting with the letter A. He or she needs to shout the word spotted and move onto the next letter. The first player to reach “Z” wins.

  2. 20 Questions

    20questionsThis is another staple of travelling games beaten by the Alphabet Game by only a few points. Have a word written on a piece of sticky notes. The word could be any object or person conceivable (cat, burrito, John F. Kennedy, etc.). The note will then be put on the forehead of the player so they will not be able to see the word.  He or she then will guess it by asking only questions answerable by Yes or No. Is it an animal? Is it an object? Is it a person? Only a total of 20 questions is allowed. It will be fun watching a player guess the answer to the word posted on his head.

  3. The Poem or Rhyme Building Game

    babyA unique and somewhat more challenging version of the story telling game, where players will take turns in building a story. But this time, it will be a rhyme or poem. Have one player start by giving an interesting premise (“Once, there was a toy-maker”) then the next players will take turns to add another sentence that should rhyme with the previous one (“Who also was a baker”), until the story/poem builds itself. You can switch to a different word to rhyme every four lines for added creativity.

  4. How Far

    This game will depend on pure luck and on the car’s odometer (the digital mechanism on the headboard that tells how farHorse and Cow the car is traveling). Think of objects that you anticipate seeing. Have one player ask how far is an object, place, or landmark (“How far is the next oak tree?” or “How far is the next cow?”), and then each player will take turns on giving estimates of distances (1, 5, or 7 miles). Once the object appears, the player with the closest estimate wins. Be sure the objects you name are likely to be seen.

  5. GHOST

    By far, this game is the most mentally challenging on the list. And no, no actual ghosts or scary stories involved. One of the ghostplayers is going to give out one letter, and then the others will take turns adding more letters. The letters being added should always be sensible enough to form a word. Any player who is stuck without adding a letter that will form a word, will be given the letter “G”, until he or she forms the word “GHOST”. The game will go on until all but one player has the “GHOST” with them. This player is the winner.

Keeping children entertained while traveling on the road can be challenging. Why not let your kids learn a new game while on the highway to your destination? Including car games for the children can be fun as well as educational.  If you are planning a road trip, open your mind to a few of these popular car games for children. They offer learning skills as well as providing you and your kids with entertainment while on the road.

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Musical Party Games for Children

Children love music! It stimulates their auditory senses, fires up their imagination, and gives them a good mood. And what do they love more? Party games! It engages their camaraderie, promotes friendly competition, and a great way to channel their excess energy. When you combine the two, you have a big hit for them, musical party games for children. Forget the ordinary musical chairs and statue dances. Here are five grand musical party games that will guarantee hours of fun and laughter.

1. Pass The Parcel

Musical Party Games_Pass_The_ParcelPass the parcel is to party games as spaghetti and meatballs is to children’s party food. It is a staple. Have a small gift wrapped as many layers as the number of players until it looks like a parcel box. Gather the kids in a circle and turn on lively music. Have the kids pass the parcel around. When the music stops, the child who has the parcel will be out, but not before unwrapping it. Continue until all but one child remains. The winner will get the prize inside. Another variation of the game is when the music stops, the child unwraps a layer of the parcel and is given a dare or challenge, like singing a song, hopping on one foot or holding the breath for an added twist and excitement.

2. Turn Into 

Musical Party Games_turn_intoThis musical game is like the statue dance, but offers more creativity. Have the children dance to a lively tune. A few seconds before stopping the music, tell them to “Turn into…”and add a shape, object, or even an animal to which they will imitate while they freeze. A volunteer gets to choose the one who does it the worst. The eliminated child will be the judge for the next round.

3. Name The Nightingale

Musical Party Games_name_the_nightingaleThis game does not need live music. The music will come from the children themselves. Have the kids form around in a circle and blindfold one volunteer in the center. All the children will hem hum a tune (any famous or children’s song will do) and walk around the circle until the volunteer says stop and randomly points to any child. The rest of the children should stop humming except the chosen child. The volunteer should guess the name of the tune the child is humming. If successful, they can swap places; otherwise, the volunteer is out. The eliminated child can choose which one will stand in the center next.

4. The Cracker Whistling GameMusical Party Games_the_cracker

This one is a staple of party games and is sure to generate laughter. Gather all the children who can whistle in a line. Have them eat a few pieces of crackers and whistle as loud as they can one by one. Someone will act as the judge to pick who whistles the loudest. This game works the same with peanut butter. Be prepared as food could fly in mid-air. For this reason, the game is best played outdoors.

5. Whisper That Tune

Musical Party Games_whisper_that_tuneGroup the kids into two and have them form a line. Each child should be a few feet apart. Now, whisper a tune or hum to the first kids of each line. Make the song quite unfamiliar. Let the kids pass the song to the next in line. The first group to pass and whisper back the song unchanged and unaltered wins the game.

6. The Ball Of Fate

Gather trivia questions about famous cartoon characters or anything that children love Musical Party Games_ball_of_fateranging from easy to difficult requests. For example: Who chases the Road Runner? What is Elmo’s color? Or even questions about superheroes, fairy tales, etc. Write these questions and tape them on a plastic ball. Now have the children gather in a circle and let them pass the ball to energetic music. When the music stops, the child should who has the ball answers the question. If it is answered correctly, he/she will stay in the game; otherwise, he/she is out.

Musical party games for children are popular at birthdays and holiday parties, festivals, school functions, weddings, company picnics and other special events. Participation of grown-ups is encouraged as well, as it adds more levels and twists to an already exciting musical party game. Nothing is funnier than to watch adults trying to whistle through a mouthful of crackers along with the children.

Educational Entertainment for Children

As we are living in the digital age, parents continuously are thinking about which educational entertainment for children
Mother and daughter playing.
is best for their youngsters.  Right now, just about everyone, adults, teenagers, and children, love to use high-tech devices. People are clamoring for the latest models of televisions, cameras, and other gadgets and most kids are passionate about playing games on their mobile devices. Although certain mobile games can help kids learn, they still can’t compare to the benefits of physically active educational games.

Four Reasons to Teach Your Kids about Being More Active

Compared to mobile games and apps, physically active games like hide-and-seek and tag offer more benefits:

  • They develop interpersonal skills—perhaps the biggest problem with mobile and video games is that they isolate children. Sure, video games at home can be played by two people and some online games are actually played by thousands and even millions at a time. However, meeting and talking online is different from interacting face to face. Kids who persistently play video games can be shy, timid, and may not be able to express themselves easily. Contrary, kids who more frequently play physical games can be more vocal, confident, and generally more outgoing.
  • They improve bonds—active play can make children competitive and they also cultivate bonds between the players. When participating in activities with your kids, as well as when they interact with each other, their connection deepens.
  • They improve health—active play is not only great for teaching youth good behavior and values; it is also a great form of exercise, which undoubtedly helps improve health.
  • They are absolutely free—the best thing about active games is that they are free. They can be played anywhere and anytime. Although some games require specific tools or toys, those which are available at the time, can always be used.

Top Learning Games for Kids

Now, the question is: what educational entertainment for children is best? Here are three recommendations to consider.

Balloon Toss water balloon toss

For this game, the bond between the balloon thrower and catcher are emphasized.  The main benefit of this fun activity for kids is the development of their hand-eye coordination. Although this game traditionally uses balloons filled with water, balls and soft toys can also be used.

Musical Chairs

This is perhaps most popular in children’s parties. However, this can be played as a learning game since it encourages the kids to focus on an objective, sitting on a chair as soon as the music stops. It helps expose youth to music, and it also spurs children’s competitive spirit.

 Parachute Playparachute play

 Perfect for party games and as an after-school activity, Parachute Play is a game that focuses on camaraderie. Allowing up to 13 participants, this game encourages the kids to be happy, patient, and cooperative. It further teaches the significance of playing fair and sharing with others.

Mobile games might be the “in” thing these days, but physically active games will always be the more appealing educational entertainment for children. Let your kids be active and creative by having them participate in physically active games on a regular basis.

How to Entertain Children at Weddings

Children at WeddingsWeddings are solemn, once-in-a-lifetime events that bring two people’s hearts and lives closer together. A time of pure bliss, weddings are also the perfect time for both adults and kids to get together and share the happiness the couple experience. Though weddings can be fun, it can also be difficult when the little ones are out of control. That is unless you keep them in check and happy by learning how to entertain children at weddings.

Three Tips for a Child-Friendly Wedding

Weddings are generally prepared with only the adult guests in mind. This often results to children feeling left out or bored.To allow the kids at weddings to feel more at ease and happy, the following tips ought to be kept in mind:

  • Consider the Time—if you’re expecting a great number of children at your wedding and the reception, consider holding your event during the afternoon. This ensures that the reception will end before the kids’ bedtime, helping you avoid potential outbursts of energy and cries from tired and sleepy youngsters.
  • Think about the Food—aside from more formal dishes, consider including treats that kids love such as French fries, chicken, lollipops, and fruit cups. Be sure to ask and warn parents about possible allergy-inducers, though, to make sure your wedding and reception will be a blast for all.
  • Hire a Children’s Entertainer—having someone to tend to the little ones is the best way to enjoy a wedding. An entertainer will not only make sure that kids are having fun but also ensure that they’re not getting in the way of the adults. The best thing about hiring an experienced children’s entertainer like me is that I offer activities that can be enjoyed by all the children.

Top Five Activities to Entertain Children at Weddings

There are a lot of activities that can make a wedding thoroughly enjoyable for both the kids and kids at heart. Some of the best children wedding activities I offer, and which always get praises, are the following:

  • Magic Comedy Show—a simple magic show is good, but a comedy magic show is absolutely enchanting. Let the kids be at awe and laugh at the cute, cool, and amazing magic tricks I offer.
  • Face Painting—bring out the superheroes and princesses in the children’s hearts with my great collection of face paint designs. The paints are all regulated, so they’re safe for kids’ use. The only thing to be wary of is that face paints may mess up the children’s suits and hair if they touch the designs before they dry. For this reason, I often recommend glitter tattoos for wedding occasions.
  • Glitter Tattoos—this activity is similar to face painting but more suited for weddings. Glitter tattoos are eye-catching, not only because of their sparkles but also due to their gorgeous designs. There are fairies, flowers, and butterflies for the girls and dragons and superhero signs for the boys. No need to worry about safety as we use high-quality, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic materials. The adults and teens often enjoy getting a tattoo.
  • Balloon Twisting—who says balloons are just round? With my balloon-twisting tricks, a simple balloon can be turned into an accessory, an animal, or a hat! 
  • Party Games—my games are safe and fun for kids of all ages. Even better, I have games that can be played indoors and outdoors, so you don’t need to worry if your venue will be great for the kids or not.

Children Wedding Favors

Looking for the perfect favors for your little guests? Here are the top children party favors to offer in parties, weddings included

  • Art Supply
  • Bubbles
  • Blow Horns
  • Stickers
  • Lollipops

You can learn more about favors in my “Top Party Children Favors” article.

Weddings are certainly one of the most beautiful and wonderful events one can ever attend. Leave all your guests with great memories by remembering the tips I shared with you today. I have years of experience entertaining children at weddings, and would love to help you make it memorable for all your guests. Please contact me at 650-740-7798 to discuss how we can work together in providing the best entertainment for the kids at your wedding celebration. 





Simple Party Food for Kids

Your child’s birthday party is just around the corner and it’s time to whip out your checklist to make sure all the important details are in place. You’ve ordered a delicious surprise cake, found little favors the kids will love as goody bags and hired a professional children’s entertainer to keep the little ones engaged.  You also have a few games in mind to keep everybody’s spirits high. Now all that’s left is to decide what kind of simple party food for kids to serve all the guests.

Although, you may be tempted to go out of your way to whip up a few time-consuming elaborate treats, it is always best to serve party finger foods that are simple yet yummy. After all, you don’t want to miss out on all those fun party moments.  To make things easier we compiled a list of great party food ideas that busy parents or party planners simply swear by. Why not make your celebration even more special by adding your own little spin to these favorite party food treats for kids?

  1. Mini Pizzas– Always guaranteed to be a hit with children, making your own mini pizzas is not just fun but also inexpensive. Take one slice of bread and apply a layer of tomato sauce on it. Then add a dash of mozzarella cheese and grill the pizzas in the oven for a minute. You can add your favorite toppings like diced black olives or shredded chicken.

homemade mini pizzas | source:

  1. Little Sandwiches– Kids love party finger foods that have been cut in different shapes with a cookie cutter.  Little cucumber or cheese sandwiches are usually quite popular. The bite sized sandwiches are not only easier for children to chew but you won’t have to worry about wasted portions. Alternatively, some children who are bigger (in the age-group 5- 9 years of age), may want to  make their own little sandwiches instead.  Simply display a few diced ingredients like cheese, tomatoes, ham, tuna, chicken, lettuce and bread slices and let the youngsters customize their own sandwiches.

Little Sandwiches

  1. Mini Kebabs- are always a must-have fun party food item on a kid’s party list. You can make your own little kebabs by spearing a cocktail sausage and a cube of diced cheese on long toothpick. You could also make a fruit kebab by spearing a few diced seasonal fruits together. It’s a healthy and simple snack which satisfies a child’s sweet tooth, as well.

mini kebabs for party | image source:

  1. Jellies- Jellies are so easy to whip up and instead of serving individual portions, why not simply pour a small quantity of jelly into mini plastic cups and chill them straightaway? You could also make different multicolored layers for each child or simply have an assortment of fruity flavors. Keep small bowls of cream, sprinkles, nuts and candied fruits on the table so that everyone can choose their own topping. This party food idea never fails to put a smile on a child’s face!


  1. Pigs in a blanket- Hot dogs may be fun but pigs in a blanket may be even better. Just get strips of crescent roll dough and wrap them around little sausages. This is very easy to put it together and sure everyone will love it.

Pigs in a blanket

  1. Cupcakes- are very easy to make. With the variety of ready mixes sold today in groceries you can never go wrong. You can also bake your own batch from scratch and decorate them with licorice, sprinkles, icing of different colors and chocolate buttons. These decorative things are always a hit at parties.

party cupcakes with sprinkles | image source:

  1. Ice Lollies- are excellent for kids of any age. How to prepare them? Just dilute juice with a small amount of water or puree fresh fruits and mix with cream or yogurt. To make a batch of ice lollies just pour in plastic molds and place in freezer until frozen.

iced fruit lollies for party | Photo by Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

These choices of simple party food for kids will sure be a hit for any celebration.

Party Costume Ideas for Children

Costume characters at children’s parties are very popular. They make the get-together more interesting and certainly kids are ecstatic about dressing up as their favorite character. With party costumes, you can be sure everyone will have a fun time. Youngsters enjoy acting as their favorite character. They certainly want to be transported to places where they can be whoever they would like to be, whether it is a fairy who can grant different wishes or a superhero that competes and rescues damsels in distress.

There is a variety of party costume ideas for children available now.  Most of these party characters are from well-known mainstream media such as television shows and movies. Choosing a party character need not be a challenging task with all the options available. You already know your child’s likes and dislikes which you can use to your advantage when choosing a party costume. Listed below are some of the most popular party characters for children today.

Party Character Ideas for Boys

  • Harry Potter. Lots of young boys want to be the foretold boy wizard who will conquer the evil Lord Voldemort. Harry Potter is a character which has come alive from the books of British author J.K. Rowling to the big screen. There are various Harry Potter costumes available, complete with the wand and the broom.


  • Superheroes. There are several superheroes from comic books to the big screen which children love and the renewed interest in superhero movies has brought them back to popularity. It is usually the boys who love these superhero costumes and some of the most popular are Spiderman, Thor, Superman, Batman, Ironman and Captain America.


  • Ben 10. Ben 10 is a character on television which has been famous for many years. There are various Ben 10 merchandise sold today, including party costumes. One of the distinctive parts of the costume is Ben 10’s watch.


Party Character Ideas for Girls

  • Hermione. Hermione is another common character from the beloved Harry Potter series. She is the intelligent and close friend of Harry Potter and a lot of girls love her and would enjoy being her on their birthday. They would love to wear her Gryffindor robe, hat and wand.


  • Dora the Explorer is an American animated television series.  Although Dora loves her family dearly she spends little time indoors at home with them. Dora likes sports and very much enjoys the great outdoors.  She embarks on trips to discover something new or help somebody. She has a positive view of every character she meets even the mischievous fox. She gives others a chance to try new and different tasks and likes teaching her custom.  Dora the Explorer is a confident/positive character.


  •  Disney princess. Disney princesses are always a hit with little girls. After all, they often dream of marrying a prince and becoming princesses themselves when they grow up. They want to live in

    castles and wear beautiful gowns. What are some of the most popular Disney princess characters? Snow White, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Jasmine from Aladdin, Rapunzel and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. 

This list of party costume ideas for children is certainly a good choice today.  With a child’s endless imagination they will surely feel as if they are at a magical event acting like the character they truly enjoy and even dream about.  A party where kids can dress in their favorite party costume will certainly make the celebration extra special and memorable.





Top Children Party Favors

Seeing children’s jovial faces and bright smiles can certainly melt hearts. Although children’s parties often highlight specific kids, especially when the party is a birthday party, that does not mean it is alright to overlook the other little guests. Even better, preparing and giving party favors can be an enjoyable little venture for the party planner. Now, the only question is: What are the perfect children party favors?

Top Five Children’s Party Favors

In all honesty, there are literally hundreds of children’s party favors which you can choose from. However, the following 5 party favors are guaranteed to be a hit with kids and, of course, their parents and guardians.

Art Supplychildren party favors, coloring book

Kids are fountains of creativity, if you allow them to be.  Nurturing their creative side is important in developing them into skilled individuals in the future. One simple yet efficient way you can help with this goal is to offer art supplies as a party favor.  Here are two options:

  • Buy coloring books and crayon sets
  • Print coloring pages and recycle old crayons into new ones using molds


children party favors, bubblesBubbles

Simple yet addicting to play with, bubbles are one of the most affordable yet fun  party favor for kids you can offer. They are sold in cute bottles like bears and flowers as well as popular characters such as Hello Kitty and Spiderman. If you would like to save some dollars, you can simply create your own labels, purchase little bottles and print your own labels to place on the bottle. You can also use ribbons to make the bottles look cuter.


Blow Horns

children party favors, blow horn

There are very few kids who do not like to be loud, be noticed, and have some fun. Although blow horns might seem simple, they still provide a lot of fun. Of course, to make sure that you get approving smiles from your audience, offer a handful of colors, designs, and sizes to choose from. You may want to give these children party favors with a warning, though—you do not want them to blow the horns in the middle of the night or in certain circumstances wherein loud noises are seen as annoying.


children party favors, stickers


Stickers are generally for one-time use. Nonetheless, with cute characters and loveable colors, they are a guaranteed hit with kids. If you want to make the children more engrossed with this party favor, you can even talk about starting collections with them—nice sticker collections, that is. Like in blow horns, you can offer a handful of choices both for the girls and the boys.



children party favors, sucker


“My boy lollipop. You make my heart go giddy up.”Suckers or lollipops are perhaps the most traditional treats for kids, and today, there are hundreds of colors, designs, and sizes you can choose from. You can put different ones in each party favor bag. Kids will surely like seeing the different designs, sizes, and colors of these sweet little suckers.

Goodie Bag Ideas for Party Favors

The fun does not stop in choosing and arranging children party favors. Creating or buying goddie bags to match your party theme is also an activity to look forward to. Here are some fun-looking party bags that might spark ideas for your celebration.

Butterfly Favor Bag

This is perfect for candies and any small-sized favor you are offering.

Monster Favor Bag

Who says monsters are scary? These funny little favor bags will surely be a hit with kids!

Cute Favor Pouch

Elegant and reusable, this party favor bag is made of cloth and can match your party’s theme.

You can certainly make children party favors a fun little project when planning your party. With the party favor ideas above, your little guests will surely feel appreciative and special!

Benefits of Hiring a Children’s Entertainer

Children’s entertainers have become such a hit in the past few years. They are called upon not only for birthday parties but also other special occasions where kids are. Some people think entertainers are just there for the children to focus on, but they do more than that.  They can help make the party smoother and unforgettable. They give the parents and party planners more breathing room so they are relaxed when the party ends. If you are about to plan an event where children are invited, consider hiring a children’s entertainer. There are many benefits of hiring a professional entertainer for kids.

A skilled entertainer has the ability to enter a room full of kids with music, stories, magic tricks, games and jokes. Children can be the most critical audience in the world and a professional entertainer can give them just what they are asking for, a fun time. Professional entertainers today employ various kinds of tricks to make sure that the audience of youngsters is riveted. This means fewer tantrums and less crying and more laughter and happy faces.

Hiring a children’s entertainer can give the party organizers more time to think about other aspects of the event. They need not worry about things they should do to keep the kids interested in the party. They need not provide the entertainment themselves. There is also more time to arrange the food and talk with other adults and catch up with their friends. Children will get the attention they deserve while adults are happily socializing. Everyone will go home satisfied after a fun filled party.

 A children’s entertainer can make a lot of difference when it comes to how the party is organized. Just ask parents who have hired the services of talented performers. Party planners need not waste time and energy doing all things at once and let us all face it, not all adults make great entertainers for kids. Many do not even have the slightest clue as to what to do with a large group of children.

Why Hire a Children’s Entertainer?

That is one of the most important questions that people think about when planning a party that involves a lot of kids. The simple answer is this: because they make the children contented and put both the parents and planners at ease.

Providing entertainment for kids is not an easy feat. In big events wherein kids can easily get too engaged in their own little games, getting things in order can prove difficult. It does not matter if you the parent or the event planner; being in charge of the party, you will have your hands full with keeping up with the schedule, pleasing the guests, and constantly checking on the children. At such crucial times, you have surely pondered how tough it can be to keep up with children and try to accommodate vastly different personalities and if there is a way to solve this dilemma.

That, my friend, is exactly where a passionate and skilled entertainer comes in as they can keep the children mesmerized and happy from the party’s start to end. This allows both the planners and parents to relax and enjoy the party to the fullest.

Children are their parents’ little treasures, so seeing them having fun is truly something every close friend and relative desires.  However, that should not be a reason for the people planning the event not to have fun themselves.  Hiring a talented children’s entertainer will take this task out of your hands, handle it with care, and allow you to socialize with the adult guests.

Company Picnic Game Ideas

Company picnics are about bonding and relaxation. You have the basket, the sandwiches, your co-workers, and the games. Of course, these activities aren’t limited to just Truth or Dares or Charades. Here are the fifteen coolest company picnic game ideas to spice up your  outdoor party. Just keep an eye on that basket.

1. Horseshoes

This game is the staple of company picnics, played by two players, who throw horseshoes to a stake stuck on the ground. Whoever gets his horseshoe ring around, or closest, to the stake wins. The distances vary from 30 to 40 feet.

2. Tug-of-War

All you need is a long piece of strong rope, and the athleticism in you. Make a knot in the middle of the rope; draw a marker on the ground. Divide into 2 teams and let the pulling begin. The team that pulls the other team the furthest away from the marker in the middle wins.


3. Pass the Parcel

Jot down penalties on pieces of paper.  For example, make your employees and co-workers dance, sing, mimic, or act. Form the group in a large circle, and pass the parcel (an empty box will do) while playing the music. Stop the tune, and whoever has the parcel will pick a penalty.

4. Act the Part

A variation of charades, but the players must act like famous personalities within a time limit. Or, if you know each other pretty well, you can imitate your friends.

5. Pie in the Face

This corporate party game can be messy. Place the pieces of paper with the message on the bottom of each plate and fill it with whipped cream to make a pie. Each player needs to eat the pie (with their hands tied) until they see the message and read it aloud. The one who reads the message first wins. 


6. Spew

Another silly game that will surely make you laugh. Each player puts an Alka-Seltzer under their tongue, and drinks a cup of Sprite, or 7-Up. The player who holds the bubbles in his mouth the longest wins. Be ready to stand back shout “Yuck!”

7. Toiletpaper Game

Split the group into two and have them line up. Give each a toilet paper, and starting from the first member, run the toilet paper alternately over their heads and between their legs without breaking it. The first to reach the end of the line wins.

8. Three-Legged Balloon Race

Here is a fun company picnic game idea everyone will love. Best for a group with couples. Split them into pairs. Each pair stand side by side and have both their legs tied up. They also need to hold a balloon between their legs, and let the race begin!


9. Pass the Card

This fun game surely will break laughter. Divide the group into two and line them up.  Give each member at start of the line an index card to hold in their mouth.   Have each member pass it the next person in line until it reaches the end of the line. The team that reaches the end of the line first wins.

 10. Wrap the Mummy

Another game with tissue papers! Divide into groups with three players in each group. Hand each group a two rolls of tissue paper.  Have two people in each group wrap the third person with a roll of tissue paper.  The first team to finish wrapping the tissue rolls around their team member wins.


11. Gargle

Split your co-workers into groups. Show one member a famous song then have him gulp water. While gargling it, he sings the tune of the song. The other members have to guess it correctly.

12. Connect

A game of quick-thinking. Form the group into a circle. The first person will say a word (like “dog”) then point another person in the circle who needs to respond with a related (or opposite) word (say, “puppy”) within five seconds.  If they go beyond the time limit and they’re out. The last man standing wins.

13. Frozen T-Shirt

One of those wired company picnic games. The night before, soak shirts in water, wring them, fold, and put them into the freezer. The next day, use a large ice bucket to preserve the frozen shirts. Hand each to a member, have them unfold the shirts, and wear them. The first to do it wins.


14. Hip-Hip-Hooray!

From a game show in the Philippines. A moderator will point randomly a member who will yell “Hip-Hip!” while bending over; clapping his hands between his two legs. Then the second person (randomly chosen, too) will shout “Hooray!” with his hands raised. The game will go on continuously. The person who shouts the wrong phase, or does the wrong action is out.

15. Dad’s Challenge

A game for Dad’s.  Hang a clothesline, prepare a basket of clothes and some clothespins, and give the player a baby doll, and a cell phone. He must hold the baby doll properly and chat on the phone while hanging the clothes on the line within one or two minutes. The player with the most clothes hung wins.

This fun assortment of company picnic ideas will surely keep everyone entertained.

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Balloon Twisting Tips

Balloon twisting is an activity that arouses curiosity among the audience the most.  However, a lot of people are either afraid of twisting balloons, fearing they will just pop out of the blue, or are not sure how to handle, twist, and turn the long, skinny balloons used for this activity. Regardless which of the circumstances you are in, the balloon twisting tips below will certainly help!

Perfect Balloon Twisting Materials


Balloons used for balloon twisting are generally stronger than ordinary balloons and, therefore, safer to work with. You can twist and turn them, and they will not pop so easily. That is unless you put excessive force on it or prick it with a sharp object. Today, there are specific brands known to produce high-quality balloons for twisting. Nonetheless, it is still important to ask balloon sellers what brand is stronger and less likely to pop when twisted.

A great thing about balloons is that they come in an assortment of colors and sizes. The most common size of balloon used for twisting is called a “260.” This means that when the balloon is fully blown up, it will be around two inches in diameter and 60 inches in length. Basically, a “260” represents 2×60 inches when completely inflated. Aside from “260,” the “160” is available, which is 1×60 inches when completely inflated. These two are the most common balloon sizes used for twisting.

Balloons for twisting come in many other shapes as well. You can try all of them once you get used to twisting the most common“260” size balloon.

How to Get Started: Inflating and Twisting Tips

balloon pump

Even though the long, skinny balloons used for balloon twisting are flexible, they are difficult to blow up with the mouth. Using a hand pump to inflate them is more convenient since they are much easier and safer to use. You can probably find one at your local party store.

Here are some important balloon twisting tips:

  • To tie balloon knot after inflating simply wrap the balloon around two fingers, not one. This way, you can tie the knot in a quick and secured manner. Of course, this may take a little practice, but it will be worth it.
  • When doing balloon twisting, you have to use one hand to hold the balloon and the other hand to twist the balloon.
  • Always start twisting the balloon from the knot, so the air is pushed toward the un-inflated part.
  • One of the most important things to know in creating balloon figures is how much to inflate the balloon. Each twist forces air into the un-inflated section so that section must be long enough to accommodate the displaced air. As a general rule, you should leave about 1/2 inch of the balloon un-inflated for each twist in the figure.
  • It is natural to overinflate the balloon, so start with less air than you think you will need. You can adjust for little air in the balloon by reducing the size of some parts of the figure. If there is too much air in the balloon it may pop before you complete the shape.

Balloon twisting creations is a very fun activity! However, like with any talent and skill, you will need to practice to perfect it.  Of course, there might be times when you will feel anxious and frustrated. At such times, you must remember that “practice makes perfect.”

twisted balloons

Well, that is all for this post. I hope you found these balloon twisting tips helpful!


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