How to Plan a Company Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Are you thinking about how to plan a company Halloween party that will keep your employees smiling for days?   Don’t wait for October days  to swiftly pass by.  With a corporate party, you can strengthen the bonds among your employees and create fun memories in your office. Follow these simple tips for planning an awesome party…

Tip 1: A Halloween Theme

A great company Halloween party starts with an awesome theme. There are tons of themes to choose from, but you might want to consider these three first:

  • Kids at Heart—get your employees to come in costumes and bring small treats to give away. Encourage them to let out their inner child by trick or treating in different departments.
  • Show Me Your Heart—turn your party into a chance for charity. Choose a charitable/non-profit institution to help for the night with activities like a food drive, garage sale, or something creative.
  • Monster Dance Night—turn your office into a disco for the undead. Create a dance floor, hang a disco ball, hire a DJ, and let your employees feel the groove throughout the night.

Tip 2: Ghostly DecorationsGhost Decoration

Prepare your company for the upcoming party by decorating the offices with cool props like pumpkins, banners, ghosts, witches and spider webs. Encourage your employees to take part and have fun by turning it into a contest and providing a prize to department with the best
decoration.  Make sure to give the winner’s prize on the day of the Halloween party itself.

Tip 3: Ideas for Halloween Food

What’s a party without the food? Make your corporate Halloween party more memorable with some themed food such as the following:Hotdogs

  • Mummy Hotdogs—get some ready-made croissant dough. Flatten the pieces further with a rolling pin, and wrap them around hotdogs to resemble mummies. Bake and enjoy an artifact food.
  • Finger Cheese Sticks—top your regular cheese sticks with a sliver of almond, pasting it with a bit of mayonnaise. Squeeze ketchup on top of the sticks to create a bloody effect.
  • Bloody Drink—this is simply your healthy tomato juice or a Bloody Mary if the boss approves.
  • Monster Cupcakes—pipe colored icing on top of cupcakes using a grass tip. Top with marshmallow with black icing pupil for eyes.
  • Graveyard Tiramisu—make simple tiramisu by creating layers of Graham crackers, cream, and fruits. Top with crushed crackers for soil and candies like skulls and gummy worms.

Tip 4: An Entertainer’s Magic Touch

Make your company party more thrilling by bringing in an entertainer. As a professional with numerous successful parties under her belt, I offer different activities that will make your party a lot more fun, including magic shows, balloon twisting, glitter tattoos, and face painting, which is a great way to complete your employees’ Halloween looks. You can also choose from my different party characters like Bouncy the Clown, Miss Mouse, Princess, Tigress, Witch or possibly your request.

Tip 5: Let the Games BeginMummy Wrap

Bring your corporate party to a climax with games that will induce laughter and exploit hidden talents. Try any of these games I recommend:

  • Mummy Wrap—so easy yet so funny, this game needs two members per team: one will hold the roll of tissue and wrap it around the second member.
  • Karaoke Diva—let your employees show what they got through an intense sing-off. With most karaoke having a scoring system, judging will be a breeze.
  • Oh! The Feels!—put different items (e.g., fish, fur ball, leather purse) in covered containers, and ask contestant to guess the mystery item by slipping their hands and feeling what’s inside.

Regardless of how big or small your company is, the fact that it takes effort and creativity to be a successful celebration doesn’t change. Nonetheless, you have to remember that a great party isn’t about expensive food or decorations. It’s all about fun, so make sure your event will be a blast with the tips on how to plan a company Halloween party that I shared with you today.


How to Plan a Corporate Holiday Party

December or Christmas is a favorite time of the year and if companies only had one occasion to have a celebration, it would be holiday party 1during this joyous holiday season. It is the best time to get all the staff together to celebrate the end of the year and the start of a new one. This includes celebrating the company’s triumphs and challenges. It is also a good opportunity for everyone to just relax and have a good time. How to plan a corporate holiday party? Here is the answer to your needs.

Putting together a great party is not an easy feat. It needs a lot of time for planning and coordinating. Without proper planning, the party might not be as successful and as fun as you would like it to be. Here is a checklist of important things which should be considered if you wish to plan the best holiday party, ever!

The type of eventholiday party

Holiday parties can be held in an informal setting in the afternoon and it can also be a formal event which starts in the evening. Before you start pondering about decorations and food, you have to determine just what type of event your holiday party will be.

Some company holiday parties are luncheons and others are evening gatherings.Generally evening parties tend to be more costly. On the other hand, luncheons are usually scheduled on a weekday and they tend to be friendly to the budget.


The majority of holiday parties are scheduled during the second and third week of December. Fridays, being the start of the weekend, is the most common day. It is important to select a date and time which is most convenient for everyone.  December is a very busy time of year so what you can do is choose some potential dates and then ask people in the office to vote on the best one through email.

Guest list

Companies invite all their employees to their holiday celebration and most enjoy bringing their significant others with them.  It is surely appreciated when companies allow employees to bring their children to their yearly holiday celebration.  After all, the holiday season is a joyous time for families including tiny tots.

Venue and caterer

December is the time for all kinds of parties, needless to say it is also the time when caterers are at their busiest so it is important to find one early and book them for your event. Venue is another thing which you must not forget. There is a wide variety of venues to choose from. There are hotels, convention centers, restaurants and clubs.  Of course, it is best to choose a venue which is easily accessible for everyone.

Holiday decorations

A holiday party is incomplete without the lively decorations. It is a must to dress up the event and the office too but remember not to go overboard with embellishments. Some of the most common holiday decorations are Christmas trees, wreaths, and of course, beautiful lights.


For a fun and lively party, hiring entertainment services are a must.  Entertainment must be tailored to the party. Dancing is necessary for holiday parties and the christmas elfoptions are to hire a DJ or get a band to sing the songs live for the audience. It is a must to coordinate the schedule between the DJ or band and the venue to ensure that all the equipment is set up and ready on time.

If there are children in the party, a children’s entertainer is a must if you want to see them happy. Why not hire a Christmas Holiday Elf?  She can bring Santa with her too!  The cheery elf can entertain the kids with  Balloon twisting, a magic comedy show and glitter tattoos.  All of these activities  are popular forms of children’s entertainment.

Follow these tips on how to plan a corporate holiday party and everyone will go home delighted after attending an event which they will never forget.


How to Decorate Parties with Balloons

Balloons come in various colors, shapes and sizes and they can also be easily made to resemble animals, food, and various other things. They are always present in parties and all kinds of celebrations, especially where children are around. Balloons can be found almost anywhere. They are easy to work with and can be used to decorate the party place to give it more color and life. Here are some brilliant ideas on how to decorate parties with balloons.

Balloons around the entrance

If you would like to make the party place’s entrance more welcoming and more alive, you need to make a balloon arch.  They look lovely on the entrance but if you think that they are very difficult to make, you are wrong.  The first thing you need to do is buy an arch, this will be the base for your balloons. There are ready-made arches sold in all shapes and sizes at rental shops and garden supply stores.  An arch made of thin wire would suffice. Inflate your balloons of choice and fasten using adhesive tapes or strings.  Start at one end and work towards the other and make sure to avoid any missing spots.

balloons around entrance

Balloons on the table

Balloon table decorations are easy and an inexpensive way of dressing up your dinner table. Whatever the occasion is, be a birthday, anniversary, graduation or just a simple get together, with some air from your lungs and some string, you can make your party place look a lot nicer. Maintain a theme color so that your balloons match nicely. You can choose to blow up some balloons in half so that you can make small table decorations.  You can also put them inside the vase and add a little ribbon to the vase, tie them to the chairs and tables or just make them the centerpiece of the table.

balloons on the table

Balloons hanging from ceiling

Have you ever thought of a balloon chandelier? It is another way to dress up the party creatively and artistically.  Blow up balloons with helium tanks and tie them in a knot. If you are having a birthday party for your child, you can easily create a meaningful decoration by showcasing your little one’s pictures. Get card stocks, place the photo in the middle and punch a hole in the center of the card stock. Attach a completed photo to each end of the balloon string and then hang them from the ceiling.

balloons hanging from ceiling

Balloons outside party location

There is nothing more that says “The party is here!” than a variety of balloons on the exterior of the party place. You can group balloons together or hang them. Let your imagination run wild but do not go overboard with the party decorations.

Balloon Decoration Outside a Party

Balloon twisting

Balloons can be easily manipulated into different shapes and characters. Balloon twisting is not only a fun way to spice up your decorations; it is also a very good way to entertain children. If you have skills in balloon twisting, go ahead and show them off to the little ones. They will absolutely squeal in excitement and delight. If you do not have any idea about balloon twisting, you can always hire a professional.

balloon twisting

Balloons are the perfect addition to any occasion. While it is possible to create some of these ideas on your own,  some people don’t have the time or resources at their disposal. A simple doorway arch can take several hours to construct for a novice. If you need ideas, you can call a local balloon decorating professional. They have plenty of suggestions to fill any party with wonderful creations!

 Children, as well as adults absolutely love colorful balloons. Hopefully the tips above give you ideas on how to decorate parties with balloons. With balloons, the party is complete!

Children’s Party Supply Ideas

A party for children requires color, fun, creativity and excitement and this means getting your hands on the best which can make that special day unforgettable. The list of party supplies is endless and it is quite easy for any parent or event planner to get confused and overwhelmed with all the selections available in party stores. Most decorations look so lovely that you would like to buy all of them.

How many times have you seen party planners scratching their heads not knowing where to begin and what to buy? Planning the party food is already difficult enough. To make things simple for any parent, here is list of the absolute essential children’s party supply ideas. After all, we all know that decorations have a very big effect on the celebration itself.

Crepe Paper

Crepe paper is colorful and very easy to work with. Even beginners will not have any problem using it for decorations.  They can be cut and shape into flowers, pom-poms, garlands, and they can also be used as wrappers. There are various DIY crepe paper projects online which you can create with your children.

crepe paper



Balloons are another staple in children’s parties. A party just would not be complete without balloons in all shapes, sizes and colors. Balloon twisting is a fun activity which will delight children of all ages. There are various unique designs and decorating ideas with the use of balloons. Aside from balloon twisting, you can also make balloon flower decorations and balloon arches.

balloon supplies

Goodie bags

Goodie bags are also another party staple. Little tots scream with delight as soon as they get hold of party bags. They love to take a peek at what is inside.

goodie bags



Pinwheels can be bought ready-made but if you truly want the party to be fun, you can have the little guests help you assemble them. Just remember to keep them away from candles.

pin wheel



Ribbons are another fun, creative and easy way of making the party come alive. Plastic ribbons come in an assortment of colors and can be easily made into various fun embellishments.



Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are a fun way to add more light and aesthetics to the room. They also come in all shapes and sizes. They can be very simple and they can also be very decorative.

paper lantern 


Every tiny tot have a sweet tooth. In fact, some kids live for candies. Candies not only make good party food, they can also be used as decorations as they come with colorful wrappers.




Swirls are mostly made of poster board. Poster board comes in various texture, thickness, and colors. Swirls are hung from the ceiling and will make the party even livelier.



Is there a little something missing from your children’s party? Do you  already have party games in mind? Do you have enough food? Have you contacted a children’s party entertainer? Sometimes your party lacks just that one little thing which can make it exceptional and exciting. The children’s party supply ideas listed above could be just what you need. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity flow through.


Decorating Ideas for a Children’s Party

Throwing a birthday party can be overwhelming for some parents while others go through it in a breeze. How come some do it so easily while others have a lot of difficulty? Well, there are some parents who are just good in arts and decoration. Their creative skills are so heightened that they can just get scissors, papers and a few materials and come up with great designs. To help those who are not so artistic, we have some decorating ideas for children’s party which will be of help to you.

With time and effort, you can get great results and have a fun time doing the projects. To make the decorating process even more fun, you can ask the kids to join in and this can make the experience unforgettable for you and for them.


Streamers are always exciting and children always love them. Crepe paper is inexpensive, colorful, easy to work with and is safe for children and babies. You can easily twist, braid, curl and wind them and create all kinds of shapes. This colorful and versatile party material will surely be a hit with the kids.



Garlands Galore

 A homemade banner is easy to create and will make the party more personalized. There are various designs which can be reused year after year. A good idea for a children’s birthday party is the garland of baby faces.  You can attach a photo of your little one in various stages of his or her young life. If you would like a simpler garland, you can just spell out happy birthday if it is a birthday party or a simple message which fits the occasion. 

garlands galore 

Flower Pots 

Plastic flower pots can make excellent beverage holders. You can choose vibrant colored plastic flower pots or pots with beautiful decorations and fill them with ice and an assortment of bottled drinks and put it on a saucer. Make sure that you use a safe and clean gardening shovel to serve ice to little guests.

Flower Pots



I have yet to come across a child who does not have any liking of balloons. Balloons are easy to find and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They bring with them excitement and they make the party more colorful and lively. They can be shaped into animals, characters and letters. Just the thought of balloons would make children scream in delight. If you do not have any talent in balloon twisting, you can always hire the professionals to do it for you.



Origami Box Lights

Any party will become even more festive with origami box lights. They are colorful and they can light up any room. Use sheets of origami papers to make blow-up boxes and then slip them into individual bulbs on a long string of lights. Once you plug in the lights, the origami papers will act as paper lanterns which will exude a lovely glow.

orgami box lights

 Often, it is the simplest things which can bring smiles on children’s faces and unforgettable memories. Let these decorating ideas for children’s parties guide you in creating a one-of-a-kind celebration which all the guests will always remember.


How to Prepare your Child for Preschool

Having a child begin preschool for the first time can be a scary prospect. Especially if you are relatively new to the parenting world, you may be getting a bit nervous as August approaches, wondering how to prepare your child for preschool. The good news is that many kids adapt quite easily to a school environment – they love getting outside the house to play with other children and truly enjoy the learning process. Shyer kids may take longer to come out of their shells, but in the end most children wind up their first year of preschool with several more playmates, a healthy sense of independence, and a serious crush on their teachers. That said, changing from home to the structured atmosphere of a preschool will be hard for both you and your child at first. Simply knowing how to prepare your child for preschool can help you avoid tears and fights and encourage a smooth, pleasant period of transition.

Boy Helping Girl Use Computer November 24, 2003

 You Are Your Child’s First Teacher: Remember this! A child’s success in the school environment is irrevocably entwined with the amount of support and education they are receiving at home. A child raised in a loving environment is more likely to adapt easily to new situations, respect teachers and peers, and open themselves up to learning. Your baby’s preschool teacher will impart important information and broaden his mind, but in the end, it is you he is watching most closely. Parents are setting the example he will follow. If you show enthusiasm for reading, he will too. If you take advantage of everyday opportunities to learn new things, he or she will also develop a healthy, lifelong curiosity that will serve him well throughout his academic journey.

 Preschool Activities: If you are concerned about your child’s academic readiness for preschool, there are several fun, at-home ways you can familiarize them with a preschool curriculum. 

  1. Buy some index cards and write an alphabet letter on each one. Make a game out of identifying the letters. Do the same with Educationnumbers 1-20.
  2. Make sure she’s comfortable using crayons and paint. Coloring books can be great, but try to also encourage free expression and creativity when she’s drawing or (more realistically) scribbling.
  3. Music is a huge part of any preschool program. Practice at home with a few musical children’s games.
  4. There are so many ways to make a game out of basic educational material. Prepare your child to learn and interact at preschool with some fun, educational entertainment right in your own backyard!
  5. You can prep your child any time, any place. Play some popular car games during your daily errands. Games like 20 questions or I-Spy help children conceptualize and think creatively – skills they will need for preschool and the rest of their academic journey.

 Helping Your Child Focus: If your child has is not already accustom to a daycare or a Sunday-school environment, she may not understand what is required of her in a classroom setting. Most preschools are pretty aware of their students’ limitations and incorporate a lot of downtime and free play. However, for a good portion of the school day your child will have to sit still and pay attention. Talk about this expectation before the first day. Explain what it means to listen to the teacher and classmates respectfully. You may have to give a refresher course every morning, but that’s only natural. Children are not mind-readers. They will learn appropriate behavior only if they are taught and reminded. Keep in mind that three, four, and five year-olds are still quite immature, and they physically cannot concentrate on one subject for long periods of time. Try not to lose heart or get frustrated if your little angel would rather run around in circles than sit in circle time. When given clear, consistent boundaries, he or she will learn to settle down.

 It’s hard sometimes as a parent to know if you’re doing enough to help your child. No one wants their kids to be caught off guard by what they must face in life, but the fact remains that you cannot keep them by your side forever. You understand now how to prepare your child for preschool, and that’s really all you can do for the moment. Be sure to ease your child into school with some fun activities and good pep-talks. But remember, it is setting a good example for your little ones – daily celebrating your own love of learning – that will best equip your little munchkin for a successful academic career. No amount of flashcard training will ever trump the security and self-confidence a child can get from loving parents.




Surviving the Terrible Twos

Has your normally sweet and loving toddler become wild-eyed, tearful, and uncontrollable overnight? Do you suddenly feel likeTerrible Twos you’re raising an irritable chimpanzee? If so, you may be in dire need of some tips on surviving the terrible twos. For some reason, most kids between eighteen months and three years of age undergo a period of temporary insanity. It is inevitable! They will throw the cracker they just begged for in your face. They will take off their clothes while kicking and screaming on the kitchen floor. There is nothing you as a parent can do about that but sit back, buckle up, and try to enjoy the crazy ride. While you can’t change their irrational behavior, you can make the difficult toddler years easier for you and your child. Surviving the terrible twos is possible. All that’s required is acceptance of things you cannot change, willingness to learn a few stress-diffusing techniques, and a few good ideas about how to occupy the long hours.

Coping With the Terrible Twos:

When your toddler has been inexplicably weeping for half-an-hour, the natural instinct is to yell, cajole, bully, or simply indulge in your own sob-fest. Unfortunately, the relief gained from these forms of emotional expression is only temporary. Rather than pulling your hair out, try these simple ways to calm down:

Leave the room. Step out, get some fresh air, remove yourself from the situation long enough to collect your thoughts. Five minutes of alone time is usually enough to slow your heart rate and compose yourself. Do ten jumping jacks to rid your body of aggressive energy.  You will be able to make better decisions after dealing with that pesky adrenaline rush.

  1. Before acting or reacting to overwhelming behavior shut your eyes and count backwards from twenty. Distracting your mind will help you avoid losing your cool. Diverting your thoughts for even a few seconds can prevent you from dealing out impulsive punishments or unkind words.
  2. Take a deep breath! If you are at home, lie down on the floor with your hand on your stomach, draw in some air, and feel your abdomen rise and fall. Keep doing this until you feel able to respond appropriately. If out in public and don’t want to look like a lunatic, stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath, and see how long you can expel the air in your lungs. Repeat this action as often as necessary.

How to Make the Terrible Twos Terrific:

It may not seem like it now, but someday you will look back on your child’s early years with nostalgia. Toddlers can be terrible at
terrible twos (2)times, but deep down they are still their sweet, funny, loving little selves. What they need far more than time-outs or spankings are
parents who can exercise a little patience and understanding. So, in between temper tantrums and diaper disasters and hunger strikes, enjoy your child. Tickle them. Color with them. Make long Play-Doh snakes and sing the ABCs and run around at the park. Snuggle. Take pleasure in your toddler’s lisping voice and chubby fingers. These moments won’t last forever. Today you’re cleaning crayon off the wall and contemplating a move to Antarctica, but tomorrow you’ll be wiping a tear away as you drive her to the prom. Childhood memories and experiences enlighten a person’s worldview, so take the initiative to give your little one a happy foundation for their life.

How to Entertain a Terrible Two:

Getting through the terrible twos is as simple as knowing how best to entertain a small child. Sometimes, just adding a little

unscripted fun to a boring or difficult situation can be enough to prevent meltdowns. For example:

  1. Riding around in a car all day is often very tedious to a small child. By playing a variety of popular car games during your
    daily errands, you can stave off irritation and help the time fly by.
  2. Many parents rely on the television to keep their little ones occupied and out of trouble. Entertaining Terrible Twos However, there are lots of ways to provide educational entertainment that also keep your toddler physically active and mentally engaged.
  3. If it’s too cold or wet to go outside, a blank piece of computer paper and a few crayons can provide hours of imaginative fun.
  4. Most children like to “help” make cookie dough (or even homemade Play-Doh)!
  5. Try keeping your little one busy during the long, unstructured days of summer with some great summer games and crafts. You can always quickly pass the hours with swimming lessons and art classes at your local community center. Or why not simply start an impromptu water balloon fight? 

Children are entertained by anything that is novel, creative, or just plain fun. Never underestimate the importance of togetherness! The experience of laughing and learning with you is what your toddler will take out of his childhood.

These years between 1 and 3 don’t have to be stressful and unpleasant. With a sense of humor and a few coping strategies, your child’s toddler-hood can result in some of the happiest, proudest parenting moments you will ever experience. Don’t focus on merely surviving the terrible twos. Adjust your point-of-view a bit, and you will see that your toddler’s stubbornness is really a sign of her strong character, her impetuous attitude actually speaks of a creative mind, and her mischievous ways result from a wonderful sense of humor. Stop, relax, and take pleasure in the small things. Cherish these moments – all of them.







Summer Ideas for Children

Summertime is fun time for kids as they have lots of time on their hands for play.  Parents must come up with cool summer Summer Playideas for children to fill their off school days. Whether you plan indoor educational summer activities or outdoor games, it should be exciting enough to capture their attention and fun-filled enough for them to enjoy. Here are a variety of several activities to consider. These great ideas will help you entertain the little ones in the summer.

Summer Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are at their most inquisitive stage. The best summer activities for toddlers are colorful and fascinating. Simple arts and crafts will be perfect indoor activities while exploration and discovery themed events are ideal for outdoor adventures. Play-Doh for Summer Craft

  • Swimming Lessons
  • Leaf Collection
  • Sandbox Parties
  • Animal Formation with Colored Play Doh
  • Learn to Make Pancakes
  • Picnics at the Park
  • Scavenger Hunts

Fun Summer Games for Kids

Let kids enjoy the best of summer weather by preparing fun outdoor games. Incorporate learning with age-appropriate and interactive games. Why not encourage children to stay away from computers and gadgets? Encourage them to enjoy challenging and fun-filled physical games outdoors. This can help manage early weight problems and keep the youngsters fit. If you have kids of various ages, make sure that the game will entertain all ages.  You can also invite neighbors and friends with kids of the same age brackets.

  • Backyard Obstacle CourseThree Boys Holding Sports Balls
  • Balloon Volleyball
  • Sponge Tag
  • Relay Races
  • Hopscotch
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Hide and Seek

Best Indoor Crafts for Kids

You also need to prepare for those rainy days. With all the free time, kids can work on special projects, crafts and learn to make their favorite food. You can assign older kids with individual projects like scrapbooking that they can work on for the duration of the summer. For the younger ones, they still need to be supervised and guided. The best summer crafts for kids are not only interesting and fun to make, it will also bring out their talent and special artistic gifts.Arts-Crafts for Kids

  • Eggshell Mosaic
  • Colored Macaroni Frames
  • Card Making
  • Bag Puppet Project
  • Treasure Bag/Box Decoration
  • Button Bracelets
  • Colorful Shoelaces

Other fun summer activities for kids at home include:

  • Getting their first pet
  • Gardening
  • Learning how to play a musical instrument
  • Picnics
  • Learning how to cook their favorite foods
  • The art of sewing for girls or woodcraft for boys

All kids enjoy discovering new things. To insure summer fun for kids, take them on exploration activities like visits to zoos, park treks, flying kites, or seashell gathering. Gather as many summer ideas for children as you can. Once you get the kids to start playing games, they are sure to ask for more.

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Popular Car Games for Children

kidsincarSummertime is probably the best time to think about car games for children.  It is the time for dodge ball games, pool parties and ice cream eating contests.  But what activity defines summer the most? Road trips! And don’t forget to include popular car games for children when traveling.  Kids enjoy a visit to grandma’s house in the country side or a day trip to the beach.  Even a simple excursion to the nearest national park is exciting.

But as the destination is a fun place to visit you can make the journey to the place just as enjoyable.  So, put away the cell phone and I-pad!  Here are five travelling games that will guarantee hours of fun for kids and kids at heart and make the trip more memorable than say, your Candy Crush Saga game.

  1. The Alphabet Gamealphabet

    The mother of all popular car games for children! This one gave birth to countless variations.

    This involves one player thinking of a grocery item and thus, alternately being called “The Grocery Game” starting with the letter A. The other players will take turns naming other items starting with B, C and so on. A mental battle of wit and creativity will ensue.

    Another variation relies more on luck than creativity and by luck we mean license plates of other cars and road signs. The mechanics are the same, but instead of grocery items, the player has to look out for license plates or bill board signs starting with the letter A. He or she needs to shout the word spotted and move onto the next letter. The first player to reach “Z” wins.

  2. 20 Questions

    20questionsThis is another staple of travelling games beaten by the Alphabet Game by only a few points. Have a word written on a piece of sticky notes. The word could be any object or person conceivable (cat, burrito, John F. Kennedy, etc.). The note will then be put on the forehead of the player so they will not be able to see the word.  He or she then will guess it by asking only questions answerable by Yes or No. Is it an animal? Is it an object? Is it a person? Only a total of 20 questions is allowed. It will be fun watching a player guess the answer to the word posted on his head.

  3. The Poem or Rhyme Building Game

    babyA unique and somewhat more challenging version of the story telling game, where players will take turns in building a story. But this time, it will be a rhyme or poem. Have one player start by giving an interesting premise (“Once, there was a toy-maker”) then the next players will take turns to add another sentence that should rhyme with the previous one (“Who also was a baker”), until the story/poem builds itself. You can switch to a different word to rhyme every four lines for added creativity.

  4. How Far

    This game will depend on pure luck and on the car’s odometer (the digital mechanism on the headboard that tells how farHorse and Cow the car is traveling). Think of objects that you anticipate seeing. Have one player ask how far is an object, place, or landmark (“How far is the next oak tree?” or “How far is the next cow?”), and then each player will take turns on giving estimates of distances (1, 5, or 7 miles). Once the object appears, the player with the closest estimate wins. Be sure the objects you name are likely to be seen.

  5. GHOST

    By far, this game is the most mentally challenging on the list. And no, no actual ghosts or scary stories involved. One of the ghostplayers is going to give out one letter, and then the others will take turns adding more letters. The letters being added should always be sensible enough to form a word. Any player who is stuck without adding a letter that will form a word, will be given the letter “G”, until he or she forms the word “GHOST”. The game will go on until all but one player has the “GHOST” with them. This player is the winner.

Keeping children entertained while traveling on the road can be challenging. Why not let your kids learn a new game while on the highway to your destination? Including car games for the children can be fun as well as educational.  If you are planning a road trip, open your mind to a few of these popular car games for children. They offer learning skills as well as providing you and your kids with entertainment while on the road.

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Musical Party Games for Children

Children love music! It stimulates their auditory senses, fires up their imagination, and gives them a good mood. And what do they love more? Party games! It engages their camaraderie, promotes friendly competition, and a great way to channel their excess energy. When you combine the two, you have a big hit for them, musical party games for children. Forget the ordinary musical chairs and statue dances. Here are five grand musical party games that will guarantee hours of fun and laughter.

1. Pass The Parcel

Musical Party Games_Pass_The_ParcelPass the parcel is to party games as spaghetti and meatballs is to children’s party food. It is a staple. Have a small gift wrapped as many layers as the number of players until it looks like a parcel box. Gather the kids in a circle and turn on lively music. Have the kids pass the parcel around. When the music stops, the child who has the parcel will be out, but not before unwrapping it. Continue until all but one child remains. The winner will get the prize inside. Another variation of the game is when the music stops, the child unwraps a layer of the parcel and is given a dare or challenge, like singing a song, hopping on one foot or holding the breath for an added twist and excitement.

2. Turn Into 

Musical Party Games_turn_intoThis musical game is like the statue dance, but offers more creativity. Have the children dance to a lively tune. A few seconds before stopping the music, tell them to “Turn into…”and add a shape, object, or even an animal to which they will imitate while they freeze. A volunteer gets to choose the one who does it the worst. The eliminated child will be the judge for the next round.

3. Name The Nightingale

Musical Party Games_name_the_nightingaleThis game does not need live music. The music will come from the children themselves. Have the kids form around in a circle and blindfold one volunteer in the center. All the children will hem hum a tune (any famous or children’s song will do) and walk around the circle until the volunteer says stop and randomly points to any child. The rest of the children should stop humming except the chosen child. The volunteer should guess the name of the tune the child is humming. If successful, they can swap places; otherwise, the volunteer is out. The eliminated child can choose which one will stand in the center next.

4. The Cracker Whistling GameMusical Party Games_the_cracker

This one is a staple of party games and is sure to generate laughter. Gather all the children who can whistle in a line. Have them eat a few pieces of crackers and whistle as loud as they can one by one. Someone will act as the judge to pick who whistles the loudest. This game works the same with peanut butter. Be prepared as food could fly in mid-air. For this reason, the game is best played outdoors.

5. Whisper That Tune

Musical Party Games_whisper_that_tuneGroup the kids into two and have them form a line. Each child should be a few feet apart. Now, whisper a tune or hum to the first kids of each line. Make the song quite unfamiliar. Let the kids pass the song to the next in line. The first group to pass and whisper back the song unchanged and unaltered wins the game.

6. The Ball Of Fate

Gather trivia questions about famous cartoon characters or anything that children love Musical Party Games_ball_of_fateranging from easy to difficult requests. For example: Who chases the Road Runner? What is Elmo’s color? Or even questions about superheroes, fairy tales, etc. Write these questions and tape them on a plastic ball. Now have the children gather in a circle and let them pass the ball to energetic music. When the music stops, the child should who has the ball answers the question. If it is answered correctly, he/she will stay in the game; otherwise, he/she is out.

Musical party games for children are popular at birthdays and holiday parties, festivals, school functions, weddings, company picnics and other special events. Participation of grown-ups is encouraged as well, as it adds more levels and twists to an already exciting musical party game. Nothing is funnier than to watch adults trying to whistle through a mouthful of crackers along with the children.