Children’s Entertainer in San Carlos, CA 94070

Are you looking for a professional children’s entertainer in San Carlos, CA? One great way to organize a fun-filled celebration is hiring the right people to help with the process.  You want to make your event fun and enjoyable for the children and the guests.  You would not enjoy the gathering if you are a little exhausted with the preparation and on-party management. An experienced children’s party entertainer to help at your party will surely make the event exciting, organized and enjoyable for everyone.

I have been working as a children’s party entertainer in San Carlos CA for numerous years. I offer face painting, balloon twisting, magic shows and  glitter tattoos from small family gatherings to large corporate events in San Carlos.

San Carlos offers the best outdoor venues ideal for kids’ parties. Here are some of the best places where I have entertained children at special celebrations

  1. Burton Park –The Park is kid friendly with its open spaces, playgrounds and perfect for toddlers. Older kids will enjoy the tennis and basketball courts. You can even bring your pets to join the fun! Learn more about Burton Park here
  2. Crestview Park – Another great park to hold special events is the Crestview Park. It has all your picnic needs like tables, rest rooms, benches, grassy areas, playgrounds, basketball courts and even a soccer field. Children will certainly have a field day at Crestview. Here’s more on Crestview
  3. Arguello Park – This is one of the biggest parks in the area and I have enjoyed working here as a children’s party entertainer in San Carlos, CA. The park has ample open areas where kids can roam and run around, BBQ pits, benches, picnic tables, playgrounds, a soccer field, tennis courts and a diamond. It has everything you need for a fun afternoon celebration. Check out more details here

My Job as a Children’s Party Entertainer in San Carlos, CA

Party entertainment is certainly enjoyable! So, I always make sure to pass on the fun to my audience too. I do it by giving the most entertaining and fun activities appropriate for my young audiences. Here are some of my favorite activities during gatherings;

  • Party Games – Games are the best form of entertainment for kids. You can expect squeals of fun, enthusiasm and appreciation for the little prizes.
  • Face Painting – This is the best way to add color to your parties. Let your child pick-out his favorite character. All materials used are safe, so enjoy seeing the kid’s delight without worries.
  • Balloon Twisting – Children get to express their creativity with balloons. I show them how to twist and turn long ordinary balloons into several exciting things.
  • Magic Show–This is one of the most requested activity in my parties. If you are unsure of the theme for your party, the Magic Show never fails to amaze children of all ages.
  • Glitter Tattoos – Everyone likes to have something shiny and glittery as a party souvenir. Add glamour and color for all the little angels at the get-together.  These temporary tattoos stay on for up to six days. All materials used are safe even for children’s delicate skin.

Another fun aspect of being an entertainer for kids are the different costumes I offer.  It adds extra excitement for the kids, especially if they know the character.

  • Clown – Balloons and Bouncy, enthusiastic and friendly clowns are among children’s favorite entertainment. My Clown character will never let a boring moment pass in your party.
  • Magical Genie – Goes well with my fun magic tricks. Kids find glitter tattoos and face painting more exciting and magical with my Magical Genie character.
  • Miss Mouse – Miss Mouse can be the best game master! What’s more fun than having somebody famous come to the party? Kids just love Miss Mouse’s comedy shows, party games and musical activities.
  • Fairy – This is my favorite costume for little girls. They enjoy the glittery tattoos. Children would also love their party fairy doing amazing magic tricks, or even twisting balloons into creative and fun things.
  • Princess – Everyone wants to be a princess, and that includes me. Every girl would love to have a princess party, with a magic show, face painting and party games.

For a fun and memorable time, please contact Denise at 650-740-7798.  As a children’s entertainer in San Carlos, CA she is gifted with the talents to make sure your party a huge success.