Children’s Party Entertainer in San Jose, CA

If you are looking for a children’s entertainer in San Jose, CA for your upcoming event which includes youngsters as audience, be it a corporate gathering such as a company picnic, a birthday, a school party or any special occasion, it is always best to hire a skilled entertainer for the kids. Denise can keep the little ones amused with activities that are highly entertaining and engaging. She has years of experience in the business and has established a fantastic reputation in San Francisco Bay Area.

As parents, we always want the best for our children. We want them to have the best things in life, enroll them in the best schools and of course throw the best parties for them. If you are planning a celebration in San Jose, CA for your little boy or girl’s birthday or if you are the party planner for any get-together with children as guests then please don’t hesitate to call Denise.

 In order for a party to be successful, good entertainment is necessary.  Sometimes kids can be very picky and their attention span is quite short. To make sure that they are kept engaged and happy all the time Denise has many activities that they will absolutely love. Among the things you can expect are the following:

Face Painting

Glitter Tattoos

Balloon Twisting

Magic Comedy Show

Party Games

Children adore costumes as it gives them the chance to live their fantasy. They can be anyone they want and dream of becoming. Denise can also become a costume character you request. Some of the following choices are:

Clown: Bouncy the Clown is a highly endearing character that brings out the funny, silly side in others.  Immediately, when arriving at a party, people are cheered by the looks of a clown, admiring my big feet in shiny gold shoes, bright colored hair, and funny red nose. Most children love Bouncy!   Bouncy is funny and enthusiastic, looking and acting every part of an entertaining clown.

Magical Genie: She is always a hit at parties because she is clever and her colorful party costume catches everyone’s attention all the time. Just like what her name says, she is magical too.

Fairy The lovely fairy with her magical wings is a gentle character that both boys and girls always admire.

Miss Mouse or Mr. Mouse: The loveable party characters that children absolutely adore. Both Miss and Mr. Mouse look similar and they are just as amusing as the famous Disney characters.

Princess:  A highly adored character as she graces parties with various activities that are sure to win the children’s hearts and have them laughing from joy throughout.

Are you looking for a children’s party entertainer in San Jose, CA? Please give Denise a call today at 650-740-7798 to discuss the details on how to make your special celebration a huge success.