Below are articles pertaining to games, whether in picnic parties outdoors or indoor celebrations. Games are an excellent way to keep your guests in a lively mood, and you can host them on your own or with the help of a professional party entertainer.


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Denise playing parachute games with a group of children in the park Denise plays a parachute game with a group of children in the park. Parachute games like this are perfect for outdoor parties and picnics.

Popular Car Games for Children

Summertime is probably the best time to think about car games for the kids.  Yes, it is the time for outdoor games - dodge ball, pool parties and ice cream eating contests. But what activity defines summer the most? Road trips! And don’t forget to come up with popular car games for children when traveling. Kids undoubtedly enjoy a visit to grandma’s house in the countryside or a day trip to the beach. Even a simple excursion to the nearest national park is exciting! But as much as the destination is the highlight of the trip, you can make the journey just as enjoyable. So put away the cell phone and iPad! Here are five traveling games that will guarantee hours of fun for kids (and kids-at-heart) and make the trip more memorable than, say, your Candy Crush Saga game. The Alphabet Game The mother of all car games for children! This one gave birth to countless variations. One variation of this very popular car game involves one player thinking of a grocery item - thus, it's alternately being called “The Grocery Game” - starting with the letter A. The other players will take turns naming other items starting with B, C and so on. A mental battle of wit and creativity will ensue. Another version relies more on luck than creativity - and by luck we mean license plates of other cars and road signs. The mechanics are the same but, instead of grocery items, the player has to look out for license plates or bill board signs starting with the letter A. He or she needs to shout the word spotted and move on to the next letter. The first player to reach “Z” wins. Twenty Questions This is another staple of travelling games surpassed by the Alphabet Game probably by only a small margin. Have a word written on a piece of sticky note. The word could be any object … [Read more...]

Company Picnic Game Ideas

Company picnics are about bonding and relaxation. You have the basket, the sandwiches, your co-workers, and the games. Of course, these activities aren’t limited to just Truth or Dares or Charades. Here are the fifteen coolest company picnic game ideas to spice up your  outdoor party. Just keep an eye on that basket. 1. Horseshoes This game is the staple of company picnics, played by two players, who throw horseshoes to a stake stuck on the ground. Whoever gets his horseshoe ring around, or closest, to the stake wins. The distances vary from 30 to 40 feet. 2. Tug-of-War All you need is a long piece of strong rope, and the athleticism in you. Make a knot in the middle of the rope; draw a marker on the ground. Divide into 2 teams and let the pulling begin. The team that pulls the other team the furthest away from the marker in the middle wins.   3. Pass the Parcel Jot down penalties on pieces of paper.  For example, make your employees and co-workers dance, sing, mimic, or act. Form the group in a large circle, and pass the parcel (an empty box will do) while playing the music. Stop the tune, and whoever has the parcel will pick a penalty. 4. Act the Part A variation of charades, but the players must act like famous personalities within a time limit. Or, if you know each other in the company or team pretty well, you can imitate your friends. 5. Pie in the Face This corporate party game can be messy. Place the pieces of paper with the message on the bottom of each plate and fill it with whipped cream to make a pie. Each player needs to eat the pie (with their hands tied) until they see the message and read it aloud. The one who reads the message first wins.    6. Spew Another silly game that will surely make you laugh. Each player puts an Alka-Seltzer under … [Read more...]