Festival Entertainer for Children

There are always entertainers for kids at festivals.  The autumn season is especially a favorite time of year for youngsters.  Children love Halloween!  Pastorino’s Pumpkin Farm is an awesome place for families to visit as it offers so many activities for children to enjoy. Check out the pony rides, hay rides,  petting zoo, bounce house, slide and haunted house. The fun and friendly staff at Pastorino’s Farm welcomes Denise and her friends to entertain the kids. This is absolutely the most enjoyable place for families to visit every year in October.

This festival entertainer for children paint faces and twist long skinny balloons into favorite toys. She also offers colorful glitter tattoos that can stay on up to 6 days. Children always enjoy the multitude of activites going on at the pumpkin farms in Half Moon Bay, CA.Festival

You may see Denise and her helpers painting faces, doing temporary tattoos and balloon twisting for the children and families at popular Bay Area festivals, school happenings and other special events. Denise often participates at the Nativity Festival in Menlo Park and volunteers at the  Block Party in Menlo Park.  The children’s area offers many activities for the little ones and you may see Denise as you enter the kids zone. Bay Area festivities are truly an enjoyable time for families.

Denise is a fabulous festival entertainer for kids.  In addition to being an entertainer for children she is also quite active in the community and favorably promotes every bay area event she participates in to numerous friends and colleagues. I am a creative writer and met Denise at a networking event where she was handing out flyers promoting a festival.  Many festival coordinators expressed how much they appreciate her talents and thrilled to have her as a vendor at special events happening during the year.  She is very grateful to have such enjoyable and friendly people to work with year-round.

My helper Walda!