Clown Entertainer for Parties

Bouncy the Clown, one of my personas as a party entertainer, is a highly endearing character that will make your celebration a most enjoyable and memorable one. Bouncy is funny and enthusiastic, looking and acting every part of an entertaining clown. In fact, with just her looks — the silly-colored wig, big gold shoes, and a full white face — people already brim with excitement and anticipation over the promise of a non-stop fun time.

What kind of party will you be having? Perhaps Bouncy is just the party entertainer you are looking for. I do all kinds of parties and celebrations. Check out my offerings below.

Denise is dressed as Bouncy the Clown and posing with happy kids at an outdoor birthday party.

Bouncy the Clown at a children’s party

Clown for Children’s Birthday Parties

Some children are wary around clowns but, with Bouncy, you can rest assured that the kids will feel at ease and certainly happy once they see how gentle her character is. Bouncy is a clown for parties that will not only tickle the children’s funny bones but can also offer the following:

  • Delightful music
  • Engaging and enlightening party games
  • Fun stories
  • All kinds of activities – just ask me when you book!

The great thing about my character, Bouncy the Clown, is that she accommodates both girls’ and boys’ parties. Indeed, this party clown is a fountain of joy that will perfectly match your children’s celebration.

Denise, as Bouncy the Clown, poses with smiling adults at a birthday party in San Francisco.

Clown for Adult Parties

Who says a clown is just meant for children’s celebrations? Although grown-ups might feel like they have outgrown clown-themed parties, there is no denying that clowns can always bring smiles to a gathering. From my own experience, a clown entertainer makes celebrations a lot livelier, which is probably the reason why party planners often invite Bouncy to come for surprise parties.

It is not just about having a clown to entertain the kids while giving the adults the time and space to socialize. Rather, it is about the nostalgia of the celebration and what the clown brings — the fond memories of our childhood times when we were so free and content, without any care in the world.

Denise visited a local retirement home dressed as a clown (minus the face paint), doing magic tricks.

Doing magic tricks at a retirement center

Bouncy the Clown is a dazzling entertainer for retirement home parties as well. She will brighten up the most somber days and make our elders smile from ear to ear & burst out in laughter, specially with her magic comedy show and balloon twisting performance. As an adult party entertainer, Bouncy loves interacting with seniors and you can expect her to lighten up everyone’s day.

Clown for Corporate Events and Company Picnics

Corporate parties are organized to establish greater rapport within the institution and for people to simply enjoy. Nevertheless, there may be times when the party’s environment becomes edgy or unexciting. To avoid such a dilemma, a clown like Bouncy will be of much help as she can liven up the mood of everyone present, allowing for smoother introduction of and transitions between activities.

With Bouncy at your special company event, adults can relax while the children enjoy participating in the activities. Both the event planner and guests will have an easy time transitioning to the environment and happenings while marveling at the fun the kids are having as they play and interact with Bouncy.

With a clown like Bouncy at your event, everyone will surely revel in the great times brought by the party.

Why Bouncy the Clown for Parties at Your Home or Office?

Bouncy the Clown, with my big feet in shiny gold shoes, bright yellow hair and funny red nose

If you are looking for a great clown, then Bouncy will certainly be one of your best options. I am continuously honing my skills and character by attending conventions and classes related to clown performance.  Aside from my secret knowledge and techniques only those from the “in-circle” knows, I have infinite fascination and passion toward giving people big smiles and laughter. Being a clown for parties is such a wonderful thing, and being able to give joy to children and adults alike is certainly precious. That is why, more than being a regular clown, I strive to offer unrivaled entertainment.

People at the parties I have been invited to adore Bouncy. This, I believe, roots from my years of expertise as well as appreciation and love for being an entertainer as a clown.  Bouncy will always have a special place in my heart as she is not only my first party character but is the very reason why I started working as an entertainer for kids. Although I am affectionate of all my party characters, there is no doubt that Bouncy is a favorite.

I personally enjoy being Bouncy, and the fact that she brings out the funny, silly side in others, which allows me to draw laughs, is just icing on the cake. Immediately upon arriving at a party, people are cheered by the looks of a clown, admiring my big feet in shiny gold shoes, bright colored hair, and funny red nose. And children just love Bouncy!

Bouncy is simply a package of excitement and happiness waiting for you to open it. Why don’t you let me, Bouncy the Clown, give life to your upcoming special celebration? She is the perfect clown entertainer for children’s parties!

Bouncy the Party Clown poses with costumed kids and their parents