How to Entertain Children at Weddings

Children at WeddingsWeddings are solemn, once-in-a-lifetime events that bring two people’s hearts and lives closer together. A time of pure bliss, weddings are also the perfect time for both adults and kids to get together and share the happiness the couple experience. Though weddings can be fun, it can also be difficult when the little ones are out of control. That is unless you keep them in check and happy by learning how to entertain children at weddings.

Three Tips for a Child-Friendly Wedding

Weddings are generally prepared with only the adult guests in mind. This often results to children feeling left out or bored.To allow the kids at weddings to feel more at ease and happy, the following tips ought to be kept in mind:

  • Consider the Time—if you’re expecting a great number of children at your wedding and the reception, consider holding your event during the afternoon. This ensures that the reception will end before the kids’ bedtime, helping you avoid potential outbursts of energy and cries from tired and sleepy youngsters.
  • Think about the Food—aside from more formal dishes, consider including treats that kids love such as French fries, chicken, lollipops, and fruit cups. Be sure to ask and warn parents about possible allergy-inducers, though, to make sure your wedding and reception will be a blast for all.
  • Hire a Children’s Entertainer—having someone to tend to the little ones is the best way to enjoy a wedding. An entertainer will not only make sure that kids are having fun but also ensure that they’re not getting in the way of the adults. The best thing about hiring an experienced children’s entertainer like me is that I offer activities that can be enjoyed by all the children.

Top Five Activities to Entertain Children at Weddings

There are a lot of activities that can make a wedding thoroughly enjoyable for both the kids and kids at heart. Some of the best children wedding activities I offer, and which always get praises, are the following:

  • Magic Comedy Show—a simple magic show is good, but a comedy magic show is absolutely enchanting. Let the kids be at awe and laugh at the cute, cool, and amazing magic tricks I offer.
  • Face Painting—bring out the superheroes and princesses in the children’s hearts with my great collection of face paint designs. The paints are all regulated, so they’re safe for kids’ use. The only thing to be wary of is that face paints may mess up the children’s suits and hair if they touch the designs before they dry. For this reason, I often recommend glitter tattoos for wedding occasions.
  • Glitter Tattoos—this activity is similar to face painting but more suited for weddings. Glitter tattoos are eye-catching, not only because of their sparkles but also due to their gorgeous designs. There are fairies, flowers, and butterflies for the girls and dragons and superhero signs for the boys. No need to worry about safety as we use high-quality, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic materials. The adults and teens often enjoy getting a tattoo.
  • Balloon Twisting—who says balloons are just round? With my balloon-twisting tricks, a simple balloon can be turned into an accessory, an animal, or a hat! 
  • Party Games—my games are safe and fun for kids of all ages. Even better, I have games that can be played indoors and outdoors, so you don’t need to worry if your venue will be great for the kids or not.

Children Wedding Favors

Looking for the perfect favors for your little guests? Here are the top children party favors to offer in parties, weddings included

  • Art Supply
  • Bubbles
  • Blow Horns
  • Stickers
  • Lollipops

You can learn more about favors in my “Top Party Children Favors” article.

Weddings are certainly one of the most beautiful and wonderful events one can ever attend. Leave all your guests with great memories by remembering the tips I shared with you today. I have years of experience entertaining children at weddings, and would love to help you make it memorable for all your guests. Please contact me at 650-740-7798 to discuss how we can work together in providing the best entertainment for the kids at your wedding celebration. 





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