Children’s Entertainer in the Bay Area

What better way to liven up your party than to have an entertainer with an outstanding connection with children? I am a professional children’s entertainer in the Bay Area with years of experience in the business. I have been entertaining kids at birthday and holiday parties, festivals, school functions, retirement centers, weddings, corporate and other special events.

Parties are always a hit with kids, regardless of the nature of the celebration or even the type of food offered. With children, everything can be magical,  but with children everything can also be uncontrollable. A professional entertainer is your best option when it comes to giving kids utmost enjoyment while still maintaining a sweet, calm atmosphere. Why would you want the kids to simply sing and play by themselves when they can do a lot greater things for fun? Let a professional and experienced children’s entertainer help you plan and create a most memorable party!

All-Time Favorite ActivitiesBirthday Party Entertainer

Nowadays, a simple magic show won’t cut it for children’s entertainment: your party must be fresh and have charisma to keep the kids attuned, joyful, and far more than just contented. For that exact reason, I am offering these wonderful activities that will make the kids happy, amazed, and even educated:

You can learn more about these party activities by clicking their specific pages in the site’s header.

Special Outdoor Activities for Children

Who says a party must be indoors? When kids are involved, outdoor events are often the better choice! I not only offer the activities listed in the “All-Time Favorites.” Here are fun activities I offer for the great outdoors and believe it or not, promote camaraderie and good virtues among the youngsters.

  • Parachute Play Games
  • Tug of War
  • Sack Races
  • Bubble Making using big bubble wands dipped in bubble juice
  • Musical Games

Party Characters

A children’s entertainer must look entertaining for the kids to actually pay attention and be amused. Choose the character that matches your party’s theme from my list of offerings, and let the magic come alive at your happening.

  • Clown                                                                                               Balloons for Celebration!
  • Princess
  • Magical Genie
  • Miss Mouse
  • Angel
  • Fairy

Do you have another popular character in mind? Please don’t hesitate and suggest them! I am open to requests for all types of parties.

Years spent entertaining children and my expertise in the field will make your special event unforgettable and truly one of a kind.

As a children’s entertainer in the Bay Area, I can be booked for parties and engagements in the following counties: I prefer booking parties within 22 miles from my location, 94025.

  • San Francisco County
  • San Mateo County
  • Santa Clara County
  • Southern  Alameda County                                                             

Please contact me to discuss the details!

I will be more than happy to assist you in making  your upcoming special celebration a huge success.

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