How to Decorate Parties with Balloons

Balloons come in various colors, shapes and sizes and they can also be easily made to resemble animals, food, and various other things. They are always present in parties and all kinds of celebrations, especially where children are around. Balloons can be found almost anywhere. They are easy to work with and can be used to decorate the party place to give it more color and life. Here are some brilliant ideas on how to decorate parties with balloons.

Balloons around the entrance

If you would like to make the party place’s entrance more welcoming and more alive, you need to make a balloon arch.  They look lovely on the entrance but if you think that they are very difficult to make, you are wrong.  The first thing you need to do is buy an arch, this will be the base for your balloons. There are ready-made arches sold in all shapes and sizes at rental shops and garden supply stores.  An arch made of thin wire would suffice. Inflate your balloons of choice and fasten using adhesive tapes or strings.  Start at one end and work towards the other and make sure to avoid any missing spots.

balloons around entrance

Balloons on the table

Balloon table decorations are easy and an inexpensive way of dressing up your dinner table. Whatever the occasion is, be a birthday, anniversary, graduation or just a simple get together, with some air from your lungs and some string, you can make your party place look a lot nicer. Maintain a theme color so that your balloons match nicely. You can choose to blow up some balloons in half so that you can make small table decorations.  You can also put them inside the vase and add a little ribbon to the vase, tie them to the chairs and tables or just make them the centerpiece of the table.

balloons on the table

Balloons hanging from ceiling

Have you ever thought of a balloon chandelier? It is another way to dress up the party creatively and artistically.  Blow up balloons with helium tanks and tie them in a knot. If you are having a birthday party for your child, you can easily create a meaningful decoration by showcasing your little one’s pictures. Get card stocks, place the photo in the middle and punch a hole in the center of the card stock. Attach a completed photo to each end of the balloon string and then hang them from the ceiling.

balloons hanging from ceiling

Balloons outside party location

There is nothing more that says “The party is here!” than a variety of balloons on the exterior of the party place. You can group balloons together or hang them. Let your imagination run wild but do not go overboard with the party decorations.

Balloon Decoration Outside a Party

Balloon twisting

Balloons can be easily manipulated into different shapes and characters. Balloon twisting is not only a fun way to spice up your decorations; it is also a very good way to entertain children. If you have skills in balloon twisting, go ahead and show them off to the little ones. They will absolutely squeal in excitement and delight. If you do not have any idea about balloon twisting, you can always hire a professional.

balloon twisting

Balloons are the perfect addition to any occasion. While it is possible to create some of these ideas on your own,  some people don’t have the time or resources at their disposal. A simple doorway arch can take several hours to construct for a novice. If you need ideas, you can call a local balloon decorating professional. They have plenty of suggestions to fill any party with wonderful creations!

 Children, as well as adults absolutely love colorful balloons. Hopefully the tips above give you ideas on how to decorate parties with balloons. With balloons, the party is complete!

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