Balloon Twisting for Children’s Parties

Balloon twisting is one of the most enjoyable activities I offer as a children’s entertainer. Although some people might be a little scared of balloons and their tendency to pop without warning, I assure you that this is an activity your kids will love. I twist long, skinny balloons with care and shape them into a lot of new things. This activity often leaves kids in awe, marveling at how many different shapes a simple balloon can take.

Happy children holding twisted balloons at a birthday party.

A bunch of happy kids holding different balloon shapes at a birthday party

Balloon Twisting Choices

The best thing about balloon twisting is that it gives way to much creativity — a thing that kids have plenty of. With balloons, various things can be created and played with. That is exactly the reason why balloon twisting is such a hit in children’s parties. If you are wondering what kinds of balloon designs I offer, then let me list the most popular ones:


Children love animals like dogs and cats – they are cute and cuddly. Made from balloons, they look even cuter. This might be the reason why kids love balloon twisting animals best. Aside from dogs and cats, I also create birds, mouse, turtles, and even dinosaurs, with them.

With the twisted balloon animals, youngsters not only have things to decorate their rooms with later, but they instantly get characters to star in their animal stories and plays.

white balloons twisted into the shape of a dog

A dog-shaped balloon


What is a party without party hats? Balloon hats are a cute and colorful alternative to normal party hats. Even better, they can be created with different designs to match the party’s theme, making them suitable for virtually all types of children’s parties.

balloons twisted into the shape of a flower

A flower-shaped balloon


This is a popular type of twisted balloon for girls. Boys also sometimes request the flower balloon for their mother or sister.  Flower balloons are styled and made unique through the use of different colors and shapes; small- and big-sized flowers fit well for the little princesses in the party.

a green balloon twisted into the shape of a turtle, attached to a bracelet

Turtle bracelet


Balloon bracelets are fantastic options that will make children treasure their new toys. The best thing about balloon twisting a bracelet is that they can be created to nicely fit a child’s or even adult’s wrist. Attaching to the bracelet a balloon shaped as little insects or animals creates a unique look. Girls often choose the color matching what they are wearing. Balloon bracelets are in-demand for the little girls at parties.

“Boy Toys”

Boys love to play with toy swords and toy guns. Although you might think plastic toys are an alternative, they can also pose a threat when chewed or used for hitting. However, twisted balloon swords and guns are absolutely safe. The children can run around with their balloons and play soldiers, knights and princes in a safe and fun environment.

Balloon Twisting at Your Child’s Party

Balloon twisting is a highly engaging activity for both kids and adults. Balloons can be easily customized and colors can be picked to match the child’s or adult’s favorite colors or clothing. After the party, the children will also have a toy they can bring home to relive the joyful memories from the party. All these are great reasons for getting an experienced balloon twister for your party.

Do you want to learn how to twist balloons into different shapes? Check out my blog post on balloon twisting tips.

Take a look below, and see some of the fantastic balloons I made. Balloon twisting for children at parties is always a hit!

A couple holding balloons twisted into a tiger and a flower during prom night

Balloon twisting at prom night

Denise the party entertainer with children and their twisted balloons at a party

Denise’s balloon twisting at a children’s party