Decorating Ideas for a Children’s Party

Throwing a birthday party can be overwhelming for some parents while others go through it in a breeze. How come some do it so easily while others have a lot of difficulty? Well, there are some parents who are just good in arts and decoration. Their creative skills are so heightened that they can just get scissors, papers and a few materials and come up with great designs. To help those who are not so artistic, we have some decorating ideas for children’s party which will be of help to you.

With time and effort, you can get great results and have a fun time doing the projects. To make the decorating process even more fun, you can ask the kids to join in and this can make the experience unforgettable for you and for them.


Streamers are always exciting and children always love them. Crepe paper is inexpensive, colorful, easy to work with and is safe for children and babies. You can easily twist, braid, curl and wind them and create all kinds of shapes. This colorful and versatile party material will surely be a hit with the kids.



Garlands Galore

 A homemade banner is easy to create and will make the party more personalized. There are various designs which can be reused year after year. A good idea for a children’s birthday party is the garland of baby faces.  You can attach a photo of your little one in various stages of his or her young life. If you would like a simpler garland, you can just spell out happy birthday if it is a birthday party or a simple message which fits the occasion. 

garlands galore 

Flower Pots 

Plastic flower pots can make excellent beverage holders. You can choose vibrant colored plastic flower pots or pots with beautiful decorations and fill them with ice and an assortment of bottled drinks and put it on a saucer. Make sure that you use a safe and clean gardening shovel to serve ice to little guests.

Flower Pots



I have yet to come across a child who does not have any liking of balloons. Balloons are easy to find and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They bring with them excitement and they make the party more colorful and lively. They can be shaped into animals, characters and letters. Just the thought of balloons would make children scream in delight. If you do not have any talent in balloon twisting, you can always hire the professionals to do it for you.



Origami Box Lights

Any party will become even more festive with origami box lights. They are colorful and they can light up any room. Use sheets of origami papers to make blow-up boxes and then slip them into individual bulbs on a long string of lights. Once you plug in the lights, the origami papers will act as paper lanterns which will exude a lovely glow.

orgami box lights

 Often, it is the simplest things which can bring smiles on children’s faces and unforgettable memories. Let these decorating ideas for children’s parties guide you in creating a one-of-a-kind celebration which all the guests will always remember.


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