How to Plan a Corporate Holiday Party

December or Christmas is a favorite time of the year and if companies only had one occasion to have a celebration, it would be holiday party 1during this joyous holiday season. It is the best time to get all the staff together to celebrate the end of the year and the start of a new one. This includes celebrating the company’s triumphs and challenges. It is also a good opportunity for everyone to just relax and have a good time. How to plan a corporate holiday party? Here is the answer to your needs.

Putting together a great party is not an easy feat. It needs a lot of time for planning and coordinating. Without proper planning, the party might not be as successful and as fun as you would like it to be. Here is a checklist of important things which should be considered if you wish to plan the best holiday party, ever!

The type of eventholiday party

Holiday parties can be held in an informal setting in the afternoon and it can also be a formal event which starts in the evening. Before you start pondering about decorations and food, you have to determine just what type of event your holiday party will be.

Some company holiday parties are luncheons and others are evening gatherings.Generally evening parties tend to be more costly. On the other hand, luncheons are usually scheduled on a weekday and they tend to be friendly to the budget.


The majority of holiday parties are scheduled during the second and third week of December. Fridays, being the start of the weekend, is the most common day. It is important to select a date and time which is most convenient for everyone.  December is a very busy time of year so what you can do is choose some potential dates and then ask people in the office to vote on the best one through email.

Guest list

Companies invite all their employees to their holiday celebration and most enjoy bringing their significant others with them.  It is surely appreciated when companies allow employees to bring their children to their yearly holiday celebration.  After all, the holiday season is a joyous time for families including tiny tots.

Venue and caterer

December is the time for all kinds of parties, needless to say it is also the time when caterers are at their busiest so it is important to find one early and book them for your event. Venue is another thing which you must not forget. There is a wide variety of venues to choose from. There are hotels, convention centers, restaurants and clubs.  Of course, it is best to choose a venue which is easily accessible for everyone.

Holiday decorations

A holiday party is incomplete without the lively decorations. It is a must to dress up the event and the office too but remember not to go overboard with embellishments. Some of the most common holiday decorations are Christmas trees, wreaths, and of course, beautiful lights.


For a fun and lively party, hiring entertainment services are a must.  Entertainment must be tailored to the party. Dancing is necessary for holiday parties and the christmas elfoptions are to hire a DJ or get a band to sing the songs live for the audience. It is a must to coordinate the schedule between the DJ or band and the venue to ensure that all the equipment is set up and ready on time.

If there are children in the party, a children’s entertainer is a must if you want to see them happy. Why not hire a Christmas Holiday Elf?  She can bring Santa with her too!  The cheery elf can entertain the kids with  Balloon twisting, a magic comedy show and glitter tattoos.  All of these activities  are popular forms of children’s entertainment.

Follow these tips on how to plan a corporate holiday party and everyone will go home delighted after attending an event which they will never forget.


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