Magical Genie

 Magical Genie Party in the Bay Area

 I was much honored to have been invited to this summer picnic party hosted by a Filipino family with friends at a beautiful park surrounded by trees, next to a lake.  The party planner wanted to make sure that the children would be occupied with various activities as it was her first to hire an entertainer for a party.   

She very much wanted the party to be a relaxing and fun time for her close family and friends. She was delighted when I told her about doing temporary/glitter tattoos. She was quite enthused that this activity was not only for the kids enjoyment, but it is something which the adults can share in, as well.

 I went in character as the Magical Genie. The Magical Genie is always a hit at parties because she is clever and her colorful party costume catches everyone’s attention all the time. Just like what her name says, she is magical too. With the Magical Genie present, you can bet your bottom dollar, it will be an exciting party. 

There were lots of activities to keep everyone constantly entertained. The youngsters enjoyed playing in the bounce house as they waited for their turn to get their favorite little glitter tattoo. Everyone at the party was enthused that these little sparkly tattoos can stay on for up to six days even after several showers. The little ones, as well as the adults, loved the tattoos so much that most came back to get a second one. Looking at the tattoo will certainly bring back memories of the party and remind them of the wonderful time they had with family and friends.

 There was also the little piñata hanging from a tree. Everyone gathered round as the kids took turns hitting the piñata and goodies come falling out.

 There was enough time for me to do a magic comedy show to everyone’s delight.  The look on the faces was priceless as everyone present took turns waving the magic wand to make a trick happen. The adults gathered around the table to watch the magic comedy show and they too were amazed by it.  Everyone happily went home with temporary tattoos, children and parents alike.

 If you would also like to have a party with the Magical Genie, please do not hesitate to give me a ring for more information.