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Hire a Face Painter for Children

Paintings have always been adored by people and displayed to serve as stunning decorations. Regular paintings can be seen at exhibits and in homes, though, face painting for children is always seen as a fun activity at special events. In fact, it is often a must-have activity at celebrations today.

Why Kids Love Face Painting

There are numerous reasons why face painting is such a hit in kids’ parties, but the most notable ones are the following:

  • Colorful—children love colorful things, and that’s one reason why parties generally showcase a splash of colors, both in terms of decorations and food. That’s also the primary reason why face painting has become a popular party activity.
  • Artsy—although some might disagree, children generally have a penchant for artsy things; they tend to have a knack for  choosing colors and are very open when it comes to appreciating designs.
  • Magical—great imagination. That’s one thing children always have—no wonder why they love face painting, which allows them to become a character they adore, be it their favorite superhero (e.g., batman) or a fairy princess.

Face painting is often requested at special events for children to enjoy. The kids choose their favorite from a variety of different designs on the full face chart or the cheek art chart.

Popular Face Paint Designs

As an experienced children’s entertainer, I offer a handful of cute and cool face paint designs, which are divided into two categories, namely, the full face art and cheek art.  Some popular full face designs are the following:

  • Batman
  • Princess
  • Spiderman
  • Butterfly

There may be a many reasons why children pick a particular face paint design. However, perhaps the biggest reason is that it allows them to become the character they want to be. For boys, Batman and Spiderman face make them feel as if they are really a hero who’s out to save the day, fighting villains and saving damsels in distress. Quite similarly, for girls, the Princess.

Is Your Kid’s Safety Your Top Priority?

A primary concern of parents when thinking of including face painting as a party activity is the safety of their kids and the materials being used. I understand such an important issue. For that very reason, I use only regulated face painting products that are as safe as cosmetics you would find at an upscale cosmetic counter, often even more.

Our factory and manufacturing procedures are FDA compliant and have been inspected by appropriate federal staff.  You can rest assured that we use no ingredients that don’t meet cosmetic guidelines both in the United States and the European Community.

Face Painting Tips for Kids’ Parties

The children’s happiness and safety are my top priorities. That is why I use only high quality and thoroughly-cleaned materials and observe safety precautions when doing face painting. Nevertheless, it’s equally important that both the children and their guardians understand what face painting entails and know how to remove the face paint design once the party is over. That said, here are some face painting tips I would like to offer:

  • Skin Problems—The face paints I use are of high-quality and definitely safe for children of all ages. However, for maximum safety, I don’t recommend face painting for kids with very sensitive skin and/or those currently having facial skin problems.
  • Water—A good amount of water must be prepared to use for cleaning materials, especially brushes utilized for painting.
  • Post-party care—Some kids might want to keep the face painting forever, but it’s recommended that they have it removed before bedtime. If you’re not sure how it’s done, don’t hesitate to ask the painter.

Face painting is a fun activity that will engage and spark the creativity in children of all ages, so why not have it at your next special celebration? Contact me today at 650-740-7798 and let’s discuss how to make your next party colorful and fun with face painting as an activity to entertain the kids!

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