Magic Show

Magic Comedy Show for Children’s Parties

“The real magic wand is the child’s own mind.” This is a valuable quote from the Spanish philosopher, Jose Ortega y Gasset, and one that emphasizes how precious children are. Toddlers love to play, and they are certainly fascinated with things that can’t be explained yet brings immense joy. That is perhaps the best reason why magic shows never get old with children.

A magic comedy show is one of the most sought after attractions in any event attended by kids. So, whether you are planning for your child’s birthday, company picnic or any special event an entertaining magic show for the kids can truly make your celebration a huge success for the families.

Magic Comedy Show Highlights

Magic shows are always fun to watch, especially for children who view the world with open minds and overwhelming imagination. However, to keep not only the kids but all the guests attuned, a magic show should be more extravagant. No, I am not talking about using big or expensive equipment. Rather, about creating a fun environment with a magic show. To achieve that exact goal, I usually turn my magic show into a magic comedy show—a combination of magic tricks and humor. This type of magic performance is usually more appreciated as it not only brings a sense of awe but also bursts of laughter.

For birthday parties, my magic comedy show for children is even more magical by making the birthday child the star of the show. Other kids and guests may participate, but the birthday boy or girl will be the one to hold the magical wand and make the tricks happen.









Magic Show Tricks

As a professional children’s entertainer, I include a wide array of tricks in my magic show to tickle the minds of guests, regardless of their age. With my magic tricks, you can guarantee the children will be at awe while teens and adults will feel happy and entertained throughout the show.

To give you a good idea of how fun my magic show can and will be, let me present two of the tricks that never fail to amuse participants and viewers alike:Magic Wand

  • Transforming Beads—this trick might look simple for some, but it requires stealth and perfect timing for it to bring surprise and smiles to those who see it. For this trick, here is what I do: first, I bring out a set of gold beads, placed neatly in a glass jar. I then take out an empty black pouch and pour the beads in it. With some good shake and chant and the right magic words, out flies a gold necklace. The transformation of simple beads to a necklace is then completed!
  • Magical Balloon—balloons are very fragile things and a needle certainly spells death for them, if we can call their popping a “death.” Now, think about it for a moment: is there really a type of balloon that does not pop when you prick it with a nice, sharp needle? No? Wrong! My magical balloon trick shows how a balloon can be invincible and then fragile. How do I do that? First, I blow up a round clear or see-through balloon to allow you, the audience to see that there is definitely nothing inside it. Then, I whip out a long, 18” sharp needle I am about to pull through this balloon.  The audience is now holding their ears thinking the balloon will pop.  After saying the magic words, I poke this sharp needle through the center of the balloon and pull in out from the other end. The balloon does not explode! The audience is in awe and maybe thinking it must be a fake balloon unable to burst.  I then throw this balloon up in the air and lightly poke the balloon with this needle and it pops!

A magic show I performed at a birthday party in San Jose, CA

Parties and special events can certainly be a lot more fun when there is an experienced children’s entertainer around, even more so when a magic show is included in the plan. Let me help you make your birthday parties, anniversaries, and corporate events more enjoyable and memorable with an entertaining magic comedy show. If you live in the cities listed below or surrounding cities, you can surely call me to perform a magic comedy show for children’s parties.

  • Daly City
  • So. San Francisco
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  • San Mateo
  • Belmont
  • San Carlos
  • Redwood City
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  • Menlo Park
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