Party Games

Party Games for Children

Party games are a great addition to any celebration. In fact, parties are sometimes defined by how fun the games are. Nothing can bring out excited squeals of laughter and active participation than an enjoyable game. It is also a lot easier to draw shy kids out to join the fun by starting interactive games. As a children’s entertainer, it is always a delight to see bashful and quiet kids turn around to active and excited participants.

Although party games might seem like they are only for kids, energizing fun activities is also a great way for adults, especially event planners who want to ensure that the event is a success, to relax and feel as content as the toddlers.

One great thing about party games is that you have a wide array of choices. These choices can be organized into two categories: indoor and outdoor party games.

Favorite Indoor Party Games

Indoor parties are what we can call a “staple” when it comes to events as they offer the warmth and privacy most party organizers are looking for. If you are holding a birthday, anniversary, or wedding party, then indoor party games will be one of your best bets for entertainment. As they:

  • Are easy to organize and set up
  • Generally require minimal space
  • Can be played by both adults and children
  • Can be played by both small and large groups of people

Two  favorite indoor party games are the following:

  • Musical Games like musical chairs.
  • Board related games

Sometimes people think board games can be unexciting, but for me and the young guests, my choice of board games is interactive and addictive—in a good way, of course.

Fun Outdoor Party Games

For company picnics, summer outings, garden parties, and the like, outdoor party games are the best form of entertainment. Popular games I offer are tug of war and sack races. One outdoor party game that I believe is a great way to have fun and build children’s character is the Parachute Play.

Basics of the Parachute Play

The Parachute Play is a simple yet educational outdoor party game and popular at birthday celebrations. I also highly recommend for school parties or as an after-school activity. There are several reasons to promote this game not just as party activity but as a lesson on its own. These reasons are also the benefits Parachute play games offers:

  • Encourages the kids to be active and happy
  • Introduces cooperative and non-competitive play
  • Teaches the value of patience and sharing

The Parachute Play can be played by up to 13 kids. The game is all about camaraderie, so the game features only one team and ends with no actual loser or winner.

Party Games to Enjoy Indoors and Outdoors

Some party games are tagged as “classics” because they are proven hits and can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. One of these games is the musical games. Musical games hold a special spot in people’s heart. There is little doubt why as music is able to:

  • Easily stimulate one’s imagination
  • Encourage learning for children of all ages
  • Offer a variety of melodies for game playing

Kids love to sing and dance, and when adults do it with them, the activities becomes pure bliss.

There are various musical party games that can liven up your special occasion.  You might be a little unsure if such a game will suit your party. However, musical party games are engaging and encourage friendships among the youngsters. Two great examples of musical games and which children highly adore, are the Hokey Pokey and musical chairs.

Party games for children are the life of celebrations, so make sure that your get-together will be lively and the talk of the town by holding fun party games. Give me a call today at 650-740-7798 and let us discuss how we can make your special event a huge success!