Glitter Tattoos

Hire a Glitter Tattoo Artist for your next Festivity
Glitter Tattoos

Add glitter, sparkle and glitz to your parties with glitter tattoos. The glittery, fun and temporary tattoos are the latest craze not only in children’s parties but for any special occasion for adults and teens to enjoy as well. The tattoos provide a fun, fanciful and even magical vibe to your otherwise regular happening.  Even famous celebrities are seen sporting the glittery bling on the red carpet!

Adding glitter tattoos to your festivity is definitely the perfect way to entertain kids, teens and even adults.  What’s more, your guests will enjoy their party gift long after the celebration is over. Design ideas are limitless. You can choose from the many design stencils we have. And to make it more personalized, you  choose your favorite glitter colors to decorate the tattoo. You have the same design but it will be a customized tattoo created to your liking. Not so much into glitters? Then you will surely appreciate our unique variety of cool matte colors.  Sometimes boys prefer matte to sparkly glitter for their tattoo.  We see guys of all ages requesting the bat or spider tattoo in plain black.

kids love tattoos

Kids Love Tattoos!

If you are planning a birthday party for your child, adding in glitter tattoos is truly a treat for the kids.  Even moms, dads and older guests would certainly love getting their own stylish tattoo that will stay on for days.  Little boys, little girls and teens especially  love choosing their favorite figures and designs.

Girls’ Favorite Glitter Tattoo Designs

This pretty ankle tattoo is a favorite among girls of all ages

Butterfly Tattoo is always a hit.

Fairy Tattoo

You can have the standard Rose Tattoo in your favorite color.

…more butterfly tattoos…

For the boys, the spider, bat, soccer ball, dragon and favorite cartoon character and hero designs and logos are popular. While the girls favor unicorn, flower, butterfly, hello kitty, fairy and princess designs. Teen girls and ladies often like the heart, star, sun and diamond designs, while teen boys and guys often favor skull and crossbones, bat, sports team logos and dragon prints. Do you have a specific design you want for your party glitter tattoos? We can also work on personally creating it for you.

Boys’ Favorite Glitter Tattoo Designs

This boy can’t decide what he likes better, so he decided on both the dragon and the Bat.

Cool Matte Tattoos for the guys.

Other Fanciful and Showy Tattoos

Everyone likes the peace sign!

This Gecko Tattoo is very popular!

The sparkly party ornament is not just limited to kids’ parties and for children’s enjoyment.  It is perfect for all kinds of celebrations as teens and young adults think the glitzy tattoos are fashionable. Glitter tattoos have become popular in debutante’s and bachelorette’s parties, coming out parties, proms, bar and bat mitzvahs, and to mark important milestones like anniversaries and even weddings. People also request a glitter tattoo artist for their holiday parties like Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s Balls, and also in corporate events like grand openings, anniversaries and company picnics.

Glitter tattoos are perfectly safe. We only use hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials, so you can be sure that cosmetic glitters, liquid glue and other materials are  safe. They are dermatologist approved safe even for your child’s sensitive skin.  Tattoos are also waterproof and will stand showering for up to five days.  Want to remove the tattoo? All you need is a cotton ball moistened with alcohol or baby oil to gently rub-off the tattoo.

What’s even more fun of having glitter tattoos in your parties? You’ll have sparkly, colorful and interesting party pictures! Everyone would surely be showing off their tattoos days after the party is over. It is great to keep the memories of a fun happening for so long!

So, before anyone else get’s the idea, include our sparkly tattoos in your next festivity and be the first among your friends to hire a glitter tattoo artist to entertain your audience.   

Glitter Tattoo Artist at Festivals

Prnicess doing tattoos at local carnival!