How to Plan a Company Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Are you thinking about how to plan a company Halloween party that will keep your employees smiling for days?   Don’t wait for October days  to swiftly pass by.  With a corporate party, you can strengthen the bonds among your employees and create fun memories in your office. Follow these simple tips for planning an awesome party…

Tip 1: A Halloween Theme

A great company Halloween party starts with an awesome theme. There are tons of themes to choose from, but you might want to consider these three first:

  • Kids at Heart—get your employees to come in costumes and bring small treats to give away. Encourage them to let out their inner child by trick or treating in different departments.
  • Show Me Your Heart—turn your party into a chance for charity. Choose a charitable/non-profit institution to help for the night with activities like a food drive, garage sale, or something creative.
  • Monster Dance Night—turn your office into a disco for the undead. Create a dance floor, hang a disco ball, hire a DJ, and let your employees feel the groove throughout the night.

Tip 2: Ghostly DecorationsGhost Decoration

Prepare your company for the upcoming party by decorating the offices with cool props like pumpkins, banners, ghosts, witches and spider webs. Encourage your employees to take part and have fun by turning it into a contest and providing a prize to department with the best
decoration.  Make sure to give the winner’s prize on the day of the Halloween party itself.

Tip 3: Ideas for Halloween Food

What’s a party without the food? Make your corporate Halloween party more memorable with some themed food such as the following:Hotdogs

  • Mummy Hotdogs—get some ready-made croissant dough. Flatten the pieces further with a rolling pin, and wrap them around hotdogs to resemble mummies. Bake and enjoy an artifact food.
  • Finger Cheese Sticks—top your regular cheese sticks with a sliver of almond, pasting it with a bit of mayonnaise. Squeeze ketchup on top of the sticks to create a bloody effect.
  • Bloody Drink—this is simply your healthy tomato juice or a Bloody Mary if the boss approves.
  • Monster Cupcakes—pipe colored icing on top of cupcakes using a grass tip. Top with marshmallow with black icing pupil for eyes.
  • Graveyard Tiramisu—make simple tiramisu by creating layers of Graham crackers, cream, and fruits. Top with crushed crackers for soil and candies like skulls and gummy worms.

Tip 4: An Entertainer’s Magic Touch

Make your company party more thrilling by bringing in an entertainer. As a professional with numerous successful parties under her belt, I offer different activities that will make your party a lot more fun, including magic shows, balloon twisting, glitter tattoos, and face painting, which is a great way to complete your employees’ Halloween looks. You can also choose from my different party characters like Bouncy the Clown, Miss Mouse, Princess, Tigress, Witch or possibly your request.

Tip 5: Let the Games BeginMummy Wrap

Bring your corporate party to a climax with games that will induce laughter and exploit hidden talents. Try any of these games I recommend:

  • Mummy Wrap—so easy yet so funny, this game needs two members per team: one will hold the roll of tissue and wrap it around the second member.
  • Karaoke Diva—let your employees show what they got through an intense sing-off. With most karaoke having a scoring system, judging will be a breeze.
  • Oh! The Feels!—put different items (e.g., fish, fur ball, leather purse) in covered containers, and ask contestant to guess the mystery item by slipping their hands and feeling what’s inside.

Regardless of how big or small your company is, the fact that it takes effort and creativity to be a successful celebration doesn’t change. Nonetheless, you have to remember that a great party isn’t about expensive food or decorations. It’s all about fun, so make sure your event will be a blast with the tips on how to plan a company Halloween party that I shared with you today.


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