Children’s Entertainer in Sunnyvale, CA

I enjoy working as a children’s party entertainer in Sunnyvale, CA. My party bookings in Sunnyvale are always friendly and outgoing making every celebration an enjoyable experience for everyone. Entertaining kids is truly the most pleasurable job! To make sure that everyone has a good time I prepare a variety of activities for every gathering.  Here are some of the fun activities I can do at your special celebration.

  • Magic Show
  • Face Painting
  • Balloon Twisting
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Party Games

No children’s party is complete without fun costumes. This is an enjoyable part as a children’s party entertainer in Sunnyvale, CA.  I have different costumes to match the party theme, and some of my favorites are;

  • Miss Mouse
  • Clown
  • Magical Genie
  • Princess
  • Fairy

Children love seeing fun, magical and friendly characters. I could be a Disney Princess telling magical stories, a clown doing face painting or glitter tattoos and twisting balloons or a fairy with a lot of fun magic tricks!  Just let me know what activities you would like included at your special occasion.

Aside from regular children’s parties, I also provide party entertainment for kids in corporate events, holiday parties, birthdays  and company picnics in Sunnyvale. I can conduct face-painting, do glitter tattoos, host fun party games and do magic comedy shows.

Popular Parks in Sunnyvale for Company Picnics and other Outdoor Celebrations and Special Events

Sunnyvale parks are known for its beautiful, spacious and child-friendly parks. Most of my enjoyable parties are outdoor parties held in parks and other picnic areas. I offer outdoor party games, musical games, magic comedy shows, face-painting and glitter tattoos. Party possibilities at the park are just endless. Children get to run, shout and tumble in outdoor parks.

Las Palmas Park – Las Palmas is spacious, clean and lush. Well-kept playgrounds, tennis courts and equipments provide fun playtime for kids. You can also find picnic tables, grills and ample shade perfect for a fun afternoon get-together. Even your pets are welcome here. I enjoy playing party games like parachute play with the kids as we have a lot of grassy space.

Ortega Park – This is the perfect park to hold all kinds of celebrations including company picnics and birthday parties during warm days. The fenced children’s water park is a favorite among kids of all ages. This park has BBQ grills, picnic tables and lots of space for your kids to run around. What I like about this park are its shady trees that are perfect for my magical Genie parties with wondrous story-telling sessions.

Serra Park – This is one gem of a park and as a children’s party entertainer in Sunnyvale, CA. I recommend it as a great party venue. It has picnic spots complete with tables and a grill and ample grassy space for the kids. Serra’s special feature is the little stream that runs along the park. Kids enjoy taking a river stroll along the stream, while singing favorite children’s songs.

Braly Park–Sand lots, playgrounds, picnic areas, tables, BBQ grills, shade, lots of grassy space and the special green shower frog make Braly Park one of my favorite party venues. Children just love their turn in the light shower from the iconic green frog. Party games, glitter tattoos and balloon twisting activities are perfect in Braly Park.

Lakewood Park–They have many playgrounds for children of all ages, a swimming pool, skate board ramp and volleyball hook up for older kids and picnic needs like tables with BBQ pits and lots of shade. No wonder this is a favorite party park in Sunnyvale.

The marvelous parks are one of the reasons why I love working as a children’s entertainer in Sunnyvale, CA. And park parties are not limited to kids. Corporate events and company picnics are also great in these parks. Just add in some party games and fun face painting along with everyone’s party spirit for an afternoon full of excitement and delight.