Company Picnic Game Ideas

Company picnics are about bonding and relaxation. You have the basket, the sandwiches, your co-workers, and the games. Of course, these activities aren’t limited to just Truth or Dares or Charades. Here are the fifteen coolest company picnic game ideas to spice up your  outdoor party. Just keep an eye on that basket.

1. Horseshoes

This game is the staple of company picnics, played by two players, who throw horseshoes to a stake stuck on the ground. Whoever gets his horseshoe ring around, or closest, to the stake wins. The distances vary from 30 to 40 feet.

2. Tug-of-War

a group of people playing tug of war with a yellow ropeAll you need is a long piece of strong rope, and the athleticism in you. Make a knot in the middle of the rope; draw a marker on the ground. Divide into 2 teams and let the pulling begin. The team that pulls the other team the furthest away from the marker in the middle wins.


3. Pass the Parcel

Jot down penalties on pieces of paper.  For example, make your employees and co-workers dance, sing, mimic, or act. Form the group in a large circle, and pass the parcel (an empty box will do) while playing the music. Stop the tune, and whoever has the parcel will pick a penalty.

4. Act the Part

A variation of charades, but the players must act like famous personalities within a time limit. Or, if you know each other in the company or team pretty well, you can imitate your friends.

5. Pie in the Face

people playing Pie in the Face at a partyThis corporate party game can be messy. Place the pieces of paper with the message on the bottom of each plate and fill it with whipped cream to make a pie. Each player needs to eat the pie (with their hands tied) until they see the message and read it aloud. The one who reads the message first wins. 


6. Spew

Another silly game that will surely make you laugh. Each player puts an Alka-Seltzer under their tongue, and drinks a cup of Sprite, or 7-Up. The player who holds the bubbles in his mouth the longest wins. Be ready to stand back and shout “Yuck!”

7. Toilet Paper Game

Split the group into two and have them line up. Give each a toilet paper, and starting from the first member, run the toilet paper alternately over their heads and between their legs without breaking it. The first to reach the end of the line wins.

8. Three-Legged Balloon Race

people playing a 3-legged race, with a crowd watchingHere is another fun company picnic game idea everyone will love. Best for a group with couples. Split them into pairs. Each pair stand side by side and have both their legs tied up. They also need to hold a balloon between their legs. Let the race begin!


9. Pass the Card

This fun game surely will break laughter. Divide the group into two and line them up.  Give each member at start of the line an index card to hold in their mouth. Have each member pass it the next person in line until it reaches the end of the line. The team that reaches the end of the line first wins.

10. Wrap the Mummy

Two people being wrapped liked a mummy as a party gameAnother game with tissue papers! Divide into groups with three players in each group. Hand each group two rolls of toilet paper. Have two people in each group wrap the third person with the tissue. The first team to finish wrapping the toilet rolls around their team member wins.


11. Gargle

Split your co-workers into groups. Show one member a famous song then have him or her gulp water. While gargling it, s/he sings the tune of the song. The other members have to guess it correctly.

12. Connect

A game of quick thinking. Form the group into a circle. The first person will say a word (like “dog”) then point another person in the circle who needs to respond with a related (or opposite) word (say, “puppy”) within five seconds.  If they go beyond the time limit, they’re out. The last man standing wins.

13. Frozen T-Shirt

a group of people playing the frozen t-shirt contestOne of those wired company picnic games. The night before, soak shirts in water, wring them, fold, and put them into the freezer. The next day, use a large ice bucket to preserve the frozen shirts. Hand each to a member, have them unfold the shirts, and wear them. The first to do it wins.


14. Hip-Hip-Hooray!

From a game show in the Philippines. A moderator will point randomly to a member who should yell “Hip-Hip!” while bending over, clapping hands between his/her two legs. Then the second person (randomly chosen, too) will shout “Hooray!” this time with hands raised. Whoever shouts the wrong phrase or does the wrong action is out. The game will go on continuously until only one person is left.

15. Dad’s Challenge

A game for dads in the company. Hang a clothesline, prepare a basket of clothes and some clothespins, and give the player a baby doll and a cell phone. He must hold the baby doll properly and chat on the phone while hanging the clothes on the line within one or two minutes. The player with the most clothes hung wins.

This fun assortment of company picnic ideas will surely keep everyone entertained.

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