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As we are living in the digital age, parents continuously are thinking about which educational entertainment for children
Mother and daughter playing.
is best for their youngsters.  Right now, just about everyone, adults, teenagers, and children, love to use high-tech devices. People are clamoring for the latest models of televisions, cameras, and other gadgets and most kids are passionate about playing games on their mobile devices. Although certain mobile games can help kids learn, they still can’t compare to the benefits of physically active educational games.

Four Reasons to Teach Your Kids about Being More Active

Compared to mobile games and apps, physically active games like hide-and-seek and tag offer more benefits:

  • They develop interpersonal skills—perhaps the biggest problem with mobile and video games is that they isolate children. Sure, video games at home can be played by two people and some online games are actually played by thousands and even millions at a time. However, meeting and talking online is different from interacting face to face. Kids who persistently play video games can be shy, timid, and may not be able to express themselves easily. Contrary, kids who more frequently play physical games can be more vocal, confident, and generally more outgoing.
  • They improve bonds—active play can make children competitive and they also cultivate bonds between the players. When participating in activities with your kids, as well as when they interact with each other, their connection deepens.
  • They improve health—active play is not only great for teaching youth good behavior and values; it is also a great form of exercise, which undoubtedly helps improve health.
  • They are absolutely free—the best thing about active games is that they are free. They can be played anywhere and anytime. Although some games require specific tools or toys, those which are available at the time, can always be used.

Top Learning Games for Kids

Now, the question is: what educational entertainment for children is best? Here are three recommendations to consider.

Balloon Toss water balloon toss

For this game, the bond between the balloon thrower and catcher are emphasized.  The main benefit of this fun activity for kids is the development of their hand-eye coordination. Although this game traditionally uses balloons filled with water, balls and soft toys can also be used.

Musical Chairs

This is perhaps most popular in children’s parties. However, this can be played as a learning game since it encourages the kids to focus on an objective, sitting on a chair as soon as the music stops. It helps expose youth to music, and it also spurs children’s competitive spirit.

 Parachute Playparachute play

 Perfect for party games and as an after-school activity, Parachute Play is a game that focuses on camaraderie. Allowing up to 13 participants, this game encourages the kids to be happy, patient, and cooperative. It further teaches the significance of playing fair and sharing with others.

Mobile games might be the “in” thing these days, but physically active games will always be the more appealing educational entertainment for children. Let your kids be active and creative by having them participate in physically active games on a regular basis.

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